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The COVID pandemic changed the world; what we thought we knew just a couple of years ago – what we took for granted in most cases – might no longer be around. Businesses found they had to close and were never able to reopen, and some of the best hotels in New York were among that number. The good news is that many of the Big Apple’s great places to stay did make it through, and with that in mind, here is a great list of Manhattan hotels still open post-COVID in NYC.

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1. Westgate New York Grand Central

For a great location and a great hotel, Westgate New York Grand Central is the right choice.

You’ll want to make the most of your time when you’re in New York City, and staying in Manhattan is a good way to do that. With your pick of Manhattan hotels in NYC, the Westgate is a good one to start with. Westgate are a company with a good name and good head for knowing where and when to open hotels, which is why their recently opened Manhattan hotel in NYC, Westgate New York Grand Central, has made it through unscathed. Here you’re within walking distance to a number of attractions, including Times Square and the Rockefeller Center, and you can enjoy luxurious rooms, great views, and an onsite restaurant.


Source: Instagram, posted on May 19, 2022, Baccarat Hotels’ official profile.

2. The Baccarat

Decorated in the Parisian style.

Located in the very heart of Manhattan itself is The Baccarat. This hotel is glamorous and sophisticated, and if you’re looking at a way to treat yourself on your New York vacation, this is the place to do it. You’re right next door to the Museum of Modern Art and just off Fifth Avenue, making shopping – and sightseeing – a breeze. The hotel includes a gorgeous spa pool, a spa treatment center, and a salon.


Source: Instagram, posted on February 26, 2022, AceHotelNewYork’s official profile.

3. Ace Hotel

A cool hangout to meet new people.

If you like your Manhattan hotels NYC with a bit of coolness, then the Ace Hotel will fit the bill. Trendy and modern, the Ace is the ideal spot for sightseeing and hanging out – basically making your New York trip exactly what you want it to be. The rooms contain minibars and robes, and you can get 24-hour room service. In the meantime, take a walk to the Empire State Building or hop on a subway to Times Square – it only takes five minutes.


Source: Instagram, posted on May 9, 2022, James Hotels’ official profile.

4. The James

Every floor is decorated by a different artist.

What makes The James stand out in a sea of Manhattan hotels NYC is the fact that everything it does is done with a sustainable, eco-friendly edge. If that is something you’re interested in and you want to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, The James should be a priority to look into when booking a room. That’s not the only thing The James has going for it; it’s also very modern and chic, using reclaimed wood to make the hotel feel warm and welcoming. The linens are completely natural, and they make for a very good night’s sleep.


Source: Instagram, posted on September 11, 2021, Viceroy Hotels’ official profile.

5. Le Meridien

Views and comfort combine at Le Meridian.

Le Meridien, formerly the Viceroy, in New York is a great example of what Manhattan hotels NYC should all be about. Centrally located, you can get to everything by using the Viceroy as your home from home while you’re in the city. Plus, you’ll feel comfortable and at ease in the modern décor – wood and marble abound – along with smart TVs and state-of-the-art sound systems. The roof is a great spot to wind down and watch the world go by.

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Source: Instagram, posted on April 17, 2022, Refinery Hotel’s official profile.

6. Refinery Hotel

Amazing views can be seen from the roof.

Before it was one of the best Manhattan hotels in NYC, Refinery was a hat factory, and the past can be seen in its design. Don’t let that put you off; it might be industrial, but it’s also made to be comfortable. You’re just a few steps away from lovely Bryant Park, and many other excellent things to do are close by. Go up to the roof, and you’ll get perhaps the best view of the Empire State Building in the city – you can also hear live music up there.


Source: Instagram, posted on May 5, 2022, WesthouseNY’s official profile.

7. WestHouse Hotel New York

Hire a personal shopper to find your style.

There is so much to recommend WestHouse Hotel New York as one of the ideal Manhattan hotels in NYC; you can get VIP access to shows and events, get makeup and hair done in your room, and even hire a personal shopper to help you find the best styles and bargains. The hotel is designed in a 1920’s style, making it feel vintage and elegant, like old New York, but with many modern fixtures and fittings.


Source: Instagram, posted on February 4, 2022, HotelOnRivington’s official profile.

8. Hotel On Rivington

Try the soaking tubs in this hotel for pure relaxation.

There are modern Manhattan hotels in NYC, and then there is the Hotel on Rivington, which is a 20-story tower made of glass in Lower East Manhattan, close to SoHo, itself a trendy place to stay. From here, you can explore the whole city, and when you’re done, you can go back to this four-star hotel and enjoy the free wifi, flatscreen TVs, floor-to-ceiling windows, and extraordinary views.


Source: Instagram, posted on May 9, 2022, Yotel New York’s official profile.

9. YOTEL New York

YOTEL is high-tech and low-priced.

If you thought the YO! brand was only something to do with sushi, it’s time to think again because they also have a range of excellent hotels, one of which is in Times Square. It’s fun and modern and has a Japanese inspiration behind it. You’ll stay in a cabin rather than a traditional room, and fans of the high-tech will love all the adornments such as the motorized beds and tech walls.


Source: Instagram, posted on May 23, 2022, ArloHotels’ official profile.

10. Arlo SoHo

A micro-hotel for the discerning traveler.

The Arlo SoHo is one of the best Manhattan hotels in NYC if you want to stay in the middle of all the fun and excitement and enjoy the hotel you’re in at the same time. The Arlo is four-star rated and is called a micro-hotel. This should give you an idea of its size – it’s small – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer everything you need. From being within walking distance to all kinds of great attractions to being only blocks away from some of the best restaurants and stores in the city, you’ve got everything your heart desires all in one place.

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Source: Instagram, posted on August 11, 2021, HotelHugoSoho’s official profile.

11. Hotel Hugo

Beautiful views and stylish surroundings.

Hotel Hugo in SoHo is a popular place to stay when it comes to Manhattan hotels in NYC. That’s because it’s so chic and modern, and it makes you feel at home with its own special kind of luxury. One of the best places to spend some time when you’re in the hotel is the rooftop bar. It has a beautiful glass surround, so you can enjoy the incredible views while eating tacos and drinking cocktails all year round.


Source: Instagram, posted on March 7, 2022, LudlowHotelNYC’s official profile.

12. The Ludlow Hotel

With an onsite French restaurant and a great location, you couldn’t ask for more.

Perhaps you’re not sure where in Manhattan you should stay. The Lower East Side is always a good choice; it’s exciting and busy, and you won’t miss out on anything when you’re there. The Ludlow Hotel is a great choice if the Lower East Side is what you’re looking for in your Manhattan hotels in NYC. There is art all around, boutique stores, and in this hotel, the subway on only a minute’s walk away; from there, you can explore all of New York. There’s even an onsite French restaurant to enjoy.


Source: Instagram, posted on May 25, 2022, MargaritavilleTimesSquare’s official profile.

13. Margaritaville Resort Times Square

Margaritaville gives you everything in one central location.

If you want to be sure of getting the most out of your trip to New York, Manhattan hotels in NYC in and around Times Square are a good bet. That’s why Margaritaville Resort Times Square is so popular – it’s fun and colorful, and it’s in the right place for you to enjoy the Big Apple. You’ll think you’re at the beach with the palm trees and surfboards, as well as the great rooftop pool, and then you can have the city at the same time. There are even five different onsite restaurants and bars as well as a shop.


Source: Instagram, posted on October 21, 2015, TheJaneHotel’s official profile.

14. The Jane Hotel

Try The Jane Hotel for a different kind of New York stay.

If the hotel you stay in is as important as what you do when you’re in New York City, The Jane Hotel has to be something to consider. Unique among Manhattan hotels in NYC, this is a step back in time and is an experience to enjoy. The rooms look like train cabins from the past – although there are plenty of modern touches – and the staff are dressed like bellhops, the likes of which you’ll usually only find in old movies these days. It’s fun and different and certainly something to look out for.


Source: Instagram, posted on May 3, 2022, MadeHotel’s official profile.

15. Made Hotel

Up to date and sustainable hotel life.

The Made Hotel is found in the NoMad area of Manhattan, meaning it’s sitting side by side with some of the trendiest bars, clubs, and restaurants in the city. On top of this, you’re close to attractions; it’s a seven-minute walk to the Empire State Building, for example. The décor is sustainable and attractive, with a lot of wood and concrete to be seen.



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