Effective water usage is an important part of any company. Using water effectively means saving on water bills. Wastage can drive your water bills up, making your company unstainable. That’s why your company should prioritize water management. The following are the top reasons why your company should prioritize water management.


Managing water is quickly becoming important. Besides partnering with the right water supplier, you need to manage water properly. Proper water management will help you save water. Water management strategies like water audits will help you select the right water supplier. Read more about the open water market before migrating to a new supplier. 


Limited Access to Water

The rising global population has put more pressure on water resources. Access to water will continue to be limited. However, water management ensures that limited water is used effectively.  According to research, only 3 percent of the total water around the globe is drinkable. The same research goes on to point out that only 1 percent of drinkable water is accessible. You will find the rest of the drinkable water in glaciers, ice caps, remote areas, etc. Managing water properly ensures that no water is wasted. As a result, it can rich as many people as possible.


Addresses Complex Global Issues

As stated before, there is limited access to drinkable water in the world. Managing different water resources involves a lot of effort. It involves different parts. For instance, you must first determine the amount of available drinking water. Also, you must determine how water should be used and how to make water usable. These tasks require effective management. That’s where water management comes in.


Solves Serious Challenges

Water management is not only complicated but also difficult. Many issues affect access to clean, drinkable water. Things like climate change, pollution, as well as the depletion of the aquifer can affect access to safe water. Plus, high water demand can make it challenging for those responsible for supplying water. However, management comes on board to solve some of these serious challenges.


Addresses Food Production Issues

You cannot mention food security without talking about water. These two issues are interlinked. According to experts, to produce more food, you need freshwater.

According to the statistics, about 70 percent of agricultural activities rely on freshwater. Also, biofuel food relies on water. That’s why effective water management is very important. According to the World Bank, water management and food security issues are serious. Water scarcity can affect the way the food will be produced in the future.


 Water Scarcity Affects Millions

Statistics from the world bank have established that water scarcity affects about 40 percent of the global population. The same statistics project that 1.8 billion people will be affected by water scarcity by 2025. The World Bank also projects that more than 70 percent of the world population will be located in water-strained areas. This includes deserts.

The World Economic Forum (the 2019 chapter) named water scarcity as one of the biggest issues globally. In the forum, it was discussed that water will be a serious issue in the next decade. As a result, the world risks staring at food and energy shortages. It will also have serious economic disruptions. Without proper management, you will see more conflicts and increased refugee crises.


Billions Lack Safe Water

Most people lack access to reliable water services. According to research, more than two billion people across the globe don’t have access to safe drinking water. Most of them drink untreated surface water, which is extremely dangerous for their health. Because of their living standards, they find it difficult to access adequate sanitation. And most of these sanitation systems are interlinked with water management.

But the good news is that water management has radically improved over the past few years. However, rural communities continue to languish in poverty and can’t access this essential service.


Poor Management Can Be Deadly

Waterborne diseases have become increasingly widespread nowadays. Millions of people die from cholera every year. Children below the age of 5 are particularly more vulnerable to this killer disease. Aside from death, contaminated water causes diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration.

Heavy metals and chemicals can also contaminate your drinking water. That’s why it’s important to incorporate strict purity levels into every water management system. Effective water management strategies can save a million lives.


Privatizing Increases Prices

Most water management systems are operated privately. And this has led to increased prices. Private utilities typically charge sixty-percent more than the local government. They increase their water prices three times more than the inflation rate.

Effective water management will ensure that water is sold at an affordable price. And this will positively touch everyone’s life. Remember, water is a basic human need. Everyone deserves a right to clean and safe water.


It’s A National Issue

The local authorities must handle water-related issues at the community level. This makes it crucial to have a strong local water management system. Nonetheless, there still needs to be an excellent relationship between the local and national governments. If this doesn’t happen, a region can be thrown into chaos. For a harmonious coexistence, strict laws regarding water management should be implemented.  


Good Management Benefits All

With good water management policies, both the local communities and government can benefit. The cost of water will be significantly reduced. Plus, there’ll be better irrigation controls, reduced sewer costs, as well as, less energy wastage. It’s also worth noting that effective water management ensures that people have access to clean and safe water, which improves their quality of life.

So, if you haven’t yet devised a water management system, it’s time you do so. Not only will this improve your company’s image but it’ll also protect your health and that of your employees. 


Key Takeaway

Water management is a key part of any organization. With proper water management, you can save water. It will save you a lot of money. Carry out regular water audits. Ensure that your appliances are working properly. Consider installing water-efficient appliances. Hire a water or utility manager for your company. Ensure that there are no leaks.


The Bottom-Line

Water management helps you save on utility bills. It minimizes wastage. It minimizes water scarcity. As a company, it’s important to roll out effective water management strategies. The above represents the main reasons why your company should pay close attention to water management. 



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