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The real estate industry is ever-evolving, and the changes include the role of a real estate agent. Today, their roles have changed dramatically, especially with tech advancements giving consumers more power and access to the market and information. While there are new challenges and obstacles, it is still possible to find real estate agents offering benefits like in the past. So, how do you find such real estate agents in Kenya? Here are simple tips to consider.

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Start with referrals from your friends, family, and neighbors

Referrals are always a great starting point. Besides pointing you in the right direction, you’ll gather valuable information to help fast-track the search. For example, a trustworthy person in your social circles can equip you with information such as what they like about the agent, their experience, the potential shortcoming, and prices, among other details. With such information and recommendations, you can quickly narrow down the options and vet the agents further to ensure you pick the best.


Online search

Modern real estate platforms like Hauzisha offer more than property listings. These platforms connect you to other relevant resources in the industry, real estate agents included. Check out the properties, see the listing agents, and consider resources from the platforms’ blog posts. You’ll find reviews, contact information, locations, and the type of properties the agents focuses on, among other details that’ll make your search more manageable. Take your time, and leverage the platforms to thoroughly do your homework, ensuring you pick the best real estate agents following the availed information.

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Check the agent’s credentials and disciplinary history

Is the agent licensed? Do they possess relevant qualifications showcased through their certifications? How about their disciplinary record; have they had many cases? Enlisting an authorized real estate agent means you can protect your rights if they breach the agreement. Their disciplinary history is also essential as it tells you more about their reputation. Don’t forget to visit the agent’s site and check reviews and ratings from their previous clients. This will paint a more vivid image of their reputation, allowing you to avoid incompetent agents.


Consider the agent’s list of recent buyers and sellers

Ask the agent for a list of clients who can vouch for their services. A reliable agent shouldn’t have an issue with this since they are confident about their offerings. Talk to a few references, and find out if they received what was promised; this is among the overlooked vetting measure that can save you from the frustration of enlisting an amateur who hardly has a thing to offer.


Check the specialization area

Are you looking to buy/sell a commercial, residential property, or raw land? Most real estate agents specialize in a particular line. This is to gain more skills, develop healthy connections, and ensure they know the ins and outs of that line. If the agent has hardly worked with other clients in your line of needs, they may struggle to offer the best services. Instead, choose a real estate with extensive experience in the property you are interested in, and see if they are knowledgeable in your target location. With such an agent, you won’t have a hard time understanding the market or finding g the right buyer/seller, fast-tracking the process.

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The budget

The financial implication is among the top reasons consumers turn to DIY options as they navigate the real estate industry. You want to save more money, but DIYs aren’t always practical. The right real estate agent can help you save more time and money. As you weigh the value, it is best if you don’t take a blank look at what the agent charges. Consider the engagement terms to ensure you aren’t locked in an unfriendly contract that delivers little to no value. The cheapest or the priciest don’t translate to worst or best service. The trick is to understand the fine print of the engagement and select an agent within your budget.

Finding the best real estate agent in Kenya isn’t complicated once you establish where to start and what to consider. Follow the above pointers, and you’ll find the process simpler and more productive.



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