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Climate change is a pressing concern for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Finding ways to make your business more sustainable is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can do this. 

One fantastic way to improve the sustainability of your business is to make your fleet more sustainable. Below, we will not only tell you how to achieve this but also explain why it’s important:

truck_driver-scaled trucking business

What is Fleet Sustainability?

Fleet sustainability is the process of continually evaluating the social and environmental impacts of fleet vehicles, identifying improvements, making changes, and evaluating successes. When this process is complete, it starts all over again. 


Why We Need to Make Our Fleet Vehicles More Sustainable

In the US, the transportation sector is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases; this is only surpassed by the energy sector. In 2018, 25% of all greenhouse gases came from the transportation sector. 

This means that no matter how large or small your fleet is, it’s essential to implement green logistics in your business. A sustainable fleet is one of the best ways businesses can reduce their environmental impact and help fight climate change

However, helping fight climate change isn’t the only reason businesses should make their fleet more sustainable. Here are some other reasons:

  • It can help reduce the business’s carbon footprint.
  • It can help reduce long-term costs, including spending less on maintenance and fuel. 
  • It helps you to comply with emissions regulations. 


How to Improve the Sustainability of Fleet Vehicles

If you’re wanting to make your fleet more sustainable, here are some tips to help:

  1. Work out your goals – before making your fleet more sustainable, you must first determine what you want to achieve and when you plan to meet your sustainability targets. You may have to alter these targets throughout the process as you learn more about what is and isn’t feasible. 
  2. Take advantage of fleet management solutions – once you have set your targets, you must collect data. Fleet management services and solutions can help you do this. They give businesses all the information they need to see how vehicles and drivers perform on the road. 
  3. Purchase environmentally friendly vehicles – if you have the capital to do so, you should strive to purchase vehicles that align with your environmental goals. At present, electric vehicles are the greenest vehicles available.
  4. Maintain your vehicles – another way to improve the sustainability of your fleet is to stay on top of vehicle maintenance. Vehicles with faulty engines, underinflated tires, and other issues will not work as well and will use more fuel than those that are in excellent condition. 
  5. Train all employees on sustainability – studies suggest that driver behavior can have an enormous impact on how sustainable your fleet is. This includes everything from how long your drivers idle to how efficiently they change gears. So, teaching your drivers how to drive more sustainably is essential. 
  6. Carefully plan routes – to save on fuel, you should carefully plan driver routes. Look for ways to reduce the number of miles your fleet covers. 
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It is a well-known fact that we all need to work together to stop climate change. One way companies can help with this is by improving the sustainability of their fleet. Follow the tips above to make your fleet more sustainable.