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When Is Revision Rhinoplasty Necessary?

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When Is Revision Rhinoplasty Necessary?

Just like other types of cosmetic surgery, revision rhinoplasty is not always the first choice for people who are unhappy with their looks. However, if you’ve had your nose damaged by injury or illness and require plastic surgery to fix it, then it might be time to make an appointment. Here are some ideas about how to know when revision rhinoplasty is necessary.

When Your Nose is Damaged

If your nose has been damaged by an injury, disease, or trauma, you’ll have to have it fixed. A bump on the bridge of the nose may cause breathing troubles during exercise, for instance. If you were born with a deformed nose—perhaps due to a genetic defect—you may want to make an appointment for revision rhinoplasty. A deviated nasal septum may cause you to snore and lose sleep constantly, and breathing may be more difficult when you run. Your nose will also be in pain if it has been damaged by many years of snoring.

When your nose is broken or fractured, it needs to be fixed so that you can regain full use of your nose, breathe properly and begin using the nose again. For example, an obstructed nasal passage will lead to a constant runny nose and likely cause snoring. In some circumstances, a deviated septum may even cause nasal polyps to grow.

When You’re Not Satisfied with Your Nose

If you don’t like the way your nose looks, it’s best to have revision rhinoplasty. For example, if you have a nose bump on your nose that bothers you, but is not causing breathing or other problems, then consider having a revision rhinoplasty. However, it won’t be the best choice if you don’t like your nose positioned within your face. You may even begin to grow picky about which features of your face you like and dislike.

If you would like a revision rhinoplasty to fix some physical problems with your nose, but want to keep other features of the rest of your face, then you need this process. For instance, if you have a deviated septum, but your nose is flat, you may need a revision rhinoplasty combined with rhinoplasty to reshape the face. However, this is not always possible.

When You’re Facing Injury or Illness

An operation to fix your nose will be necessary if you are injured or suffer from an illness that is damaging it. For instance, if you have a broken nose, have had it already repaired with plates and screws, undergo chemotherapy, suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or have experienced a stroke within the past seven years. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you may need to have a revision rhinoplasty.

When Your Facial Bones Have Changed

The bones of your face are constantly changing, which is why some people grow chins as they age. If this has happened to you, then you’ll likely want to have a revision rhinoplasty. This type of surgery can usually be done using screws or plates that are put into the bone. This will help in retaining the shape of your nose and in preventing the nose from dropping. This is especially important if you’ve been hit in the nose, have been born with a problem, have undergone a previous rhinoplasty, or have had a deviated septum.

When You Have Multiple Problems Going on Inside Your Nose

If you have several problems going on inside your nose, then having a revision rhinoplasty may be just what you need. For example, if you have chronic rhinosinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal septum deviation, or a deviated septum, you may need this type of surgery to correct these problems. Also, suppose you have a condition such as severe allergies, asthma, recurrent sinus infections, or horseradish reactivity that is causing breathing problems that may require surgery to correct. In that case, a revision rhinoplasty should be seriously considered.

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When Your Nose is Deformed

If your nose is deformed, either from a genetic disorder or an injury such as a dent on your nose or disease, then you may need to have a revision rhinoplasty. You may also need to have this type of surgery if your nose is deformed due to age. For example, if you were born with a vast nose or have a large tip that bothers you, you should consider having a revision rhinoplasty.

When You Want to Change the Size of Your Nose

If you want to change the size of your nose because it is too small or too large for your facial features, then having revision rhinoplasty may be the best option. You may also need this type of surgery if you want to narrow or change the shape of your nose. You may even need to have a revision rhinoplasty if you want to make your nose longer or shorter.

When You Want Your Nose to Match Your Face

If your nose doesn’t match the rest of your facial features, then you may be unhappy with how it looks. For instance, if your nose is very wide or long about the rest of your face, this could be unpleasant. If you need revision rhinoplasty because of this, then make sure to undergo this procedure to help you create a new nose that looks good with the rest of your facial features.

When You Want to Reshape Your Nasal Bridge and Breathe Better

If you want to breathe better and stop snoring, then having revision rhinoplasty done may be just what you need. If you were born with breathing problems, then it’s common to have a bump on the bridge of the nose that causes you to breathe improperly.

This is especially common for people that have had accidents or injuries, such as concussions. If your nose is blocked and causes snoring, then this may cause you to suffer from sleep apnea. This type of breathing problem can cause you to stop breathing during sleep and may even require cutting through the roof of your mouth to fix the issue.

When You Have a Deviated Septum

If you have a deviated septum, then you should consider having a revision rhinoplasty. This is because a deviated septum can be very painful and difficult to treat. In many cases, a deviated septum can cause people to have breathing problems and discomfort. In some extreme cases, it may even cause you to have a heart attack.

When You Want to Straighten Your Nasal Bridge

If you want to straighten your nasal bridge, then you may want to consider having revision rhinoplasty. Some people are born with a higher bridge than others, while others may have broken theirs, which caused it to become tilted. This is also common in people that have had any injury or accident.


For many people, having a revision rhinoplasty is necessary. Whether due to injury, illness, aging, genetics, or certain conditions such as allergies and breathing problems, having a revision rhinoplasty is often the right choice for personal reasons. It’s also a great way to change your features and make your nose match the rest of your facial features.



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