Dragging your luggage around can be a pain. You just want to go to a cafe down the street and get a decent cup of coffee. However, trying to roll your suitcase into a tiny cafe isn’t so subtle. You find yourself dragging a chair with your luggage or accidentally bumping into a table and spilling some else’s coffee. And there’s no way security is going to let you take your luggage into the Modern Museum of Art or Madison Square Garden for a concert.  If you just arrived in New York City and you can’t check into your hotel or AirBnB yet, you might feel stuck just sitting around with your luggage until you can get into your room. Or if you have some time before you are supposed to get your next train, you might just sit around on your phone because hauling your luggage around with you doesn’t seem very fun. You are wondering if there is even luggage storage in Penn Station.

It’s possible you are already checked into your room but you wanted to do some shopping in the city before you go to an event at Madison Square Garden. What are you supposed to do with your bags? You don’t have time to go back to the hotel. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was luggage storage in Penn Station, right near the venue? You wouldn’t be alone in your thinking if you asked yourself that question. There are a few ways for luggage storage in Penn Station. And some of these ways might work better for you than others.


Amtrak Users 

It can be difficult to find luggage storage in Penn Station. It’s actually limited to those who have Amtrak tickets. If you are traveling on an Amtrak train, you can use their luggage storage in Penn Station for a chunk of change. For $10 per luggage piece, you can shove your luggage in lockers for some time. If you aren’t an Amtrak passenger, you might be able to find locker space. However, they double it to $20 per piece, and that is only if they have room for your luggage. It’s risky to depend on this option of luggage storage in Penn Station because it’s a toss up as to whether you will be able to store your luggage or not. And, the storage surely comes at a price. The good news is that there are other storage options that are more affordable for luggage storage in Penn Station, or at least right nearby.


Luggage Storage Near Penn Station

You can easily store your luggage near Penn Station instead of dragging your bags around with you in the city. If you are doing some sightseeing at Times Square or the Empire State Building, bringing your luggage along with you might be your last option. Having luggage storage near Penn Station can actually be more convenient than having luggage storage in Penn Station. If you don’t plan on going back into the station, it’s nice to have your luggage nearby so you can easily access your luggage. If you are out sightseeing or shopping, you can easily stop by the location where your luggage is stored and get something out of your bag or put something into it quickly before you are onto your next adventure. Companies, like Bounce, partner with local businesses near Penn Station that store and monitor your luggage for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Instead of putting your luggage in a secluded locker where someone could break in, you can put your luggage in businesses where your bags are watched over by a well-trained staff.


 How Do I Use Luggage Storage Near Penn Station? 

Using luggage storage near Penn Station can eliminate the burden of bags and allow you to visit all the places you want in the city. There just four simple steps:

  • Find online the location that works best for you
  • Reserve your spot online at that location
  • Drop of your luggage and get a security seal
  • Enjoy your time in the city!

Using storage near Penn Station helps you avoid the prices of Amtrak lockers. You can store your bags for just $4.75 per bag for a 24 hour period. Some of the storage places are even open 24/7 so if that concert goes late you can still get your luggage at the end of the night. When you drop off your luggage, you receive a security seal that you can put on your bag for more protection. You are also offered $10,000 in insurance to cover your items in the event something would happen. There is no size limit for suitcases so you don’t have to worry if your luggage is too big.


Fun in New York City 

Now that you know how to easily store your luggage near Penn Station, you can have fun in New York City going to sporting events, concerts, or sightseeing. You can book your luggage reservation before you even arrive in the city so as soon as you get there you can immediately drop off your luggage and explore. Easily store your luggage in a number of locations that works best for you and leave behind the burden of your bags.



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