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The British Parliament approved the bill criticized by the EU | News from Germany about Europe | DW


Deputies of the House of Commons of the British Parliament approved in the preliminary, second, reading a bill on the internal market, which involves the introduction of unilateral changes to the agreement on London’s exit from the EU. The document on Monday, September 14, was supported by 340 legislators, 263 opposed. Thus, the discussion of the draft law enters a new stage: ahead – detailed discussions on the text, scheduled for this week and next.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended his plan to retroactively rewrite the Brexit deal with the EU, calling his initiative a defense against an EU that could take “extreme and unwise” moves with its former member. “I have absolutely no desire to resort to these measures,” – said Johnson, presenting the bill in the House of Commons. “This is a policy that gives us insurance,” the prime minister said.

A number of members of the Conservative Party, which introduced the bill to parliament, refused to support the document, which, as the government itself admits, provides for the possibility of UK violation of international law.

Northern Ireland – a stumbling block

The document contains the changes that are supposed to be made to the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. The essence of the controversial bill is that Northern Ireland and after the end of the transition period at the end of the year will be guaranteed “unlimited access” to the British domestic market, the same applies to unlimited exchange of goods.

The draft law provides for the possibility of derogation from the provisions of the Northern Ireland protocol, which, according to the Prime Minister, in its current form allows the EU to impose any tariffs on goods moved from Northern Ireland to the UK.

The dialogue between the EU and the UK on relations after Brexit resumed in mid-August after a short summer break. Michel Barnier, head of the EU delegation to London, said on August 19 that “with or without an agreement” changes are inevitable, and businesses and citizens should prepare for them. The next round of trade negotiations with the EU took place in London on September 8.

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