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It’s 2022! Happy new year, everyone. When it comes to the new year, there must be some days off when you can enjoy your time with loved ones, family, and friends. If you’re planning to enjoy your holiday this year, plenty of places are available.

Singapore is one of the popular destinations with various attractions and spots to explore. One of them is Universal Studio Singapore. But, before deciding to visit your dream destination, it is necessary to find a good hotel. You can find your dream hotel room for vacation through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. Traveloka has a variety of rooms that you can choose from based on your needs and wants.

Before going on a vacation, there are some things that need to be considered. These simple tips on how to plan your budget trip can be the best reference. Let’s check it out!


Research the accommodation and reviews on the internet

The Internet is the best place to find whatever you need. Planning a holiday should be started by looking up information provided on the internet. Before deciding to make a reservation, it is better to research desired hotels, destinations, and attractions.

Use the reviews for your consideration and also for making decisions. Many accommodations are now included in their details on the internet, and you can do research this way.


Plan your holiday in the low season

The holiday season affects many aspects, especially the budget. If you’re looking for the best budget for this holiday, it will be quite competitive for the prices. Therefore, you might be considering going during the low season. The low season is when the intensity of people go for a holiday is low.

It affects the accommodation prices. You will find many offers with attractive prices compared to high and peak seasons. So, the low season can be the best time to go for a holiday.


Budget details and management

Budget is the most crucial aspect when it comes to holidays. You should adjust your destination with the budget you have. Singapore is a good and popular place to go but does not mean you can get affordable accommodation.

Therefore, you need to manage your budget and adjust with your reservation. Pick the affordable and anti-mainstream destination. Usually, this will work to help you out.


Choose a budget hotel

It has always been a dream to stay in a luxurious hotel with complete modern facilities. But, somehow, it’s not like what it seems. You should be wise in choosing accommodation. It is okay to stay in a non-star hotel as long as it has pretty similar facilities.

The point of having a holiday is to enjoy your time with people you love. And the most critical thing is to make your finances survive after the holiday. So, be wise!


Avoid shopping in tourism spots

Buying merchandise is a must thing to do. Sometimes, the money you spend on holiday is mostly on merchandise. Be sure not to buy stuff on the tourist spot, because the price will be so different from non-tourism spots.


Travel in group

To get the best budgeting plan, you will need a partner. It is necessary to split the budget for a holiday. It is also a smart way to save money rather than go alone. You can ask your friends to join and split the budget. It is the best way to happily enjoy the holiday without being broke at the end.


Find flights during promotion

If you travel by flight, it is better to find it during the promotion. The promo is not always every day, so you should catch the time wisely. Usually, many websites offer their promotion with a newsletter. It will not be hard to register for a newsletter to get the best offer, right?


Take the land road

If you travel from one city to another that can be reached by land, it is much cheaper if you take it by land. Indeed, your trip will take longer, but the costs you get can be more affordable. You can actually also use this opportunity to rest.


Take public transportation

Avoid using private transportation on your travels. In addition to saving expenses, you will also be more flexible to move from one tourist attraction to another, without thinking about your vehicle.


Eat at local restaurants

When visiting recreational areas, one thing that must be considered is the cost of eating. Avoid eating at fancy restaurants. And if you eat at a restaurant in a tourist spot, the price is always more expensive than food sold outside the tourist spot. Therefore, to get around this, you can eat in the area around tourist attractions, such as traditional snacks or cheaper food stalls.

Visit new destinations

Newly built or newly established rides or tourist attractions can be an alternative budget staycation spot for you. Because usually, newly opened tourist attractions will always provide cheap promo prices. Unlike the case with tourist attractions that are already well known. Usually, they increase ticket prices when the holidays occur or give normal prices without promos.


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