Suppose you get a chance to paint a picture of Europe. What would you include in your canvas? It would be great if you added the London bridge, Eiffel tower, Venice Gondola ride, Austrian symphony, Nucamp, and the Alps! How nice would it be?

How long will you keep dangling with Bach, Shakespeare, Baudelaire, LaLiga, and movies?

It’s high time that you plan your budget tour to Europe. Let us provide you with some guidelines on how to travel to Europe under budget.

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How To Travel Europe Under Budget? 

There are certain things that you need to consider while you plan a European tour. Let’s try to put this right here in this discussion.

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1. Consider Travel To East Europe

We always talk about London, Paris, and Madrid. These cities are world-class, and millions of travelers visit these. Speaking is plain and simple; the first step to budgeting a European tour is cutting them from your wish list.

We know your heart bleeds. Why don’t you plan eastward of Europe? Believe us; they have a lot to offer-charming cafes, hip nightlife, gothic architecture, grand castles, and nature’s bounty. You will be amazed to know that Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania are cheaper. They are great destinations.


2. Be Savvy On Budget Travel Option

If you are traveling to Europe, you need to gain extensive knowledge of budget-friendly travel options.

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When you book train tickets, always for the second class, they are 50% cheaper. In particular, you need to check availability in Raileurope, Seat61, and RailPass. There you get good discounts on the train tickets.

While you are traveling with cities, consider buses and look for the Flixbus, Eurolines, Megabus, and National Express. You will have them under budget tour.

Finally, for airlines, go for EasyJet and RyanAir. You will get competitively cheaper tickets.


3. Walking Tours Are Great!

Suppose you are in Warsaw and you need to see each and every aspect of the city, right from the architecture, the marketplace, and historical places. Walking tours are a great way to make it happen.

And you don’t have to charge your legs, don’t you? Cheap and best for your wallet. If you find it difficult to plan, there are tour companies like Sandemans New Europe which can provide you with a great opportunity to roam about. So it’s great to take these services under budget.


4. Don’t Go To Restaurants That Are Touristy 

Food is one of the most important aspects of any tour. If you move around Europe, you will find plenty of food options. To be honest, food is pricey. You can’t avoid food in the midst of the day.

So there is one tip that can save a good amount of your budget on food. Simply avoid the restaurants that many people visit. Just because they are famous, there is high demand. For high demand, you have to pay a high price; simple economics is for you. So the mantra is don’t go where others go. It might sound weird, but it’s the hardest of facts.

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Eating on the Streets is also a great way to save your hard-earned money. Unlike in Asia, there is a strict sense of hygiene in Europe. They don’t really compromise your health. So you could well prefer street food wherever you get them.


5. Off-Season Travels 

Imagine some food for which you paid 15$ in, costs you only 10$. This is quite cheap, to say the least. This is the effect of off-season visits. This theory could well be applicable if you plan your tour during the off-season.

This is because Europe is flooded with people worldwide during the peak seasons. Quite naturally, the prices of the hotels and restaurants will be on the higher side. So if you want to enjoy some mouth-watering delicacies that are too soft on your pockets, off-season travels are great for you.



In conclusion, it can be said that there are ways to plan your grand European tour. You just need to focus on all the options that are discussed here. We hope we have provided you with comprehensive knowledge regarding the way through which you can make things cheaper. So plan now.

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