Malaika Arora is at home after rising cases of corona. During this time she is very active on social media and is posting continuously. She has shared many of the mimes being made on Kovid 19. This time Malaika also gave a message with a picture of her.

Stay at home
Malaika shared her picture on Instagram Story. In the picture, she is taking a selfie. Malaika wearing a nightsuit looks equally beautiful without makeup. Looking at them, it seemed that they were ready to sleep. Seeing the Corona era, he requested the fans to stay at home. Malaika wrote in the caption – ‘Stay at home.’

Posted on Kumbh Mela
Malaika recently shared a picture of the Kumbh Mela where a large crowd was seen. He wrote on the Instagram story – ‘Panademic but it is astonishing.’
Earlier, Malaika had posted that she has taken the first dose of Kovid 19. He also thanked the frontline workers.

The picture with the diamond ring was viral
Malaika shared photos of the photoshoot on her Instagram account. In which she was seen wearing a diamond ring. This ring is very big and is very full on Malaika. Malaika is looking very beautiful in these pictures. It is seen in the pictures that he has applied nail paint in white color. In the photo, Malaika is seen wearing a net peach dress in light peach color. This dress is making her look even more royal. After seeing this picture of him, the fans were seen congratulating him with the name of Arjun Kapoor. Actually people got the impression that these pictures are of their engagement. However, this is not the case at all.

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