Internet challenges can be fascinating to teens, who can be both impulsive and attracted to behavior that gets attention in social media. Challenges such as the ALS ice bucket challenge or mannequin challenge can be enjoyable and beneficial. However, other challenges that appear online are dangerous and may result in lasting damage. While certain social media challenges, like the ALS ice bucket challenge or mannequin challenge, are enjoyable and beneficial, other challenges that appear on the internet are severe and may result in permanent damage. Teens can be lured into these online challenges and can suffer serious injuries or even death. It is critical for all parents to recognize these challenges and understand why they are so popular.

The Role Social Media Plays

In a quick-moving, impulsive environment, social media rewards outrageous behavior, and the higher the bar, the greater the bragging rights. Teens are nervous about missing out on what’s happening. That impulsive nature and a teen’s undefended capacity to think through their actions and outcomes, contribute to their bad decision-making.

Children are unlikely to stop and ponder the fact that laundry detergent is a poisonous substance that can burn the throat and impair the airways, in addition to the fact that diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and other medicine mistakes can result in life-threatening heart problems, seizures and coma. What they will notice is that a popular classmate got hundreds of likes and comments after doing something similar. Continue to read, what are The Virtual And Real Danger Of Play As The Creep Challenge.

To help your child build intellectual muscle, here are some suggestions:

To start a conversation

Use open-ended questions to encourage them to think through each step of the challenge.

Be sure to “friend” your kids on social media.

Asking questions about school trends, friends and fads may yield more answers.

Why are teens susceptible to social media challenges?

All parents should recognize these online challenges and understand why they are so popular with teens. This is critical because teens can be injured or even killed by them.

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The role of parents – building a better brain

Remember that your child’s brain is still developing rapidly as he or she continues to grow and learn more about life, friends, and the world. You can help your child develop thoughtful, rational thinking skills that will continue to be critical years later by helping to nurture his or her brain growth. Ask your children about the greatest issues they have heard about in their social circle. A good approach is to ask them to try and surprise you. In a non-judgmental tone, ask them what they think about the predicament. You are able to limit or ban certain activities with your parental controls still active.


Impulsiveness and the desire for attention are both qualities that attract teens to internet challenges. Some internet challenges, like the ALS ice bucket challenge or mannequin challenge, are both entertaining and therapeutic. However, other challenges that crop up online can be dangerous and might result in permanent damage. Some internet challenges are harmless and enjoyable, but other challenges are dangerous and permanent. For example, the ALS ice bucket challenge or mannequin challenge.

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