Pawri Ho Rahi Hai is currently the latest trend on the Internet. Everyone is posting a video or photo around it. Recently, after Shahid Kapoor, actress Deepika Padukone shared Pawri Ho Rahi Hai Meem with childhood photo of herself. Deepika Padukone shared a childhood throwback photo of herself, writing, “This is us, this is our horse and this is our Pawri Ho Rahi Hai”.

Earlier, Shahid Kapoor entertained the fans in a different way while giving a twist to the video. Sharing the video, Shahid Kapoor wrote, “Fakers are throwing feku.” Fine words can never be said. ” Shahid looks quite funny in the video. There are also some crew members who are seen having fun in the video.

Video: Shahid Kapoor gave Pawri Ho Rahi Hai a new twist, fans will be laughing lol

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Recently, a Pakistani girl was caught saying something like Pawri Ho Rahi Hai that everyone is just talking about her. The name of this Pakistani girl who became very famous with Pawri Ho Rahi Hai video is Dananir Mobin. What made Dananir famous was a meme created by content creator Yash Raj Mukhate. He has also made memes like ‘Kaun Mein Kaun Tha’.

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