Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. She is seen to have her opinion on many issues related to the industry and the country. At the same time, Kangana also comes in the discussion due to the brilliant response to the trolls. Recently, something similar was seen when Kangana shared a photo of Thali adorned with delicious looking dishes on Navratri. At the same time, seeing the onions in this plate, many users were seen trolling them. However, Kangana also gave a brilliant answer to these trolls.

Kangana showed a plate adorned with pudding, raita, puri and chickpeas

Kangana shared a picture of the food plate on her Twitter account, which dishes like pudding, raita, puri and chickpeas appeared in this plate. While on the Chole bowl, Kangna garnished with onions and green chillies, Kangana shared this photo and wrote – ‘Just think when such a prasadam is made at home and you have an Ashtami fast. Best wishes to Ashtami ‘.

Trolls occurred due to onion

Seeing the onions in Kangana’s food, people started trolling them in the tweet reply. On this, Kangana replied, ‘Yes, but only in my house I am fasting, I have already told that it is my fast and I am not eating. Actually this is the post about this, I have decorated this plate for my brother. Who came home from some work Some people are really so slow huh …! ‘

Trend on twitter

After this, #Onion was seen trending on Twitter. Kangana retweeted her tweet and responded to this. He wrote- ‘I can’t believe that #Onion is among the top trends. Well it was not meant to harm anyone. It is my vow and if my family wants to eat salad with Prasadam then do not insult them ‘.

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