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Janhvi kapoor share post from Maldives vacation here know why she says I am sorry


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Jahnavi Kapoor has returned from Maldives. He was spotted at Mumbai airport last night along with his trainer Namrata Purohit. Earlier, she was seen doing a workout with Sara Ali Khan in Maldives, that video of her became quite viral.
Jahnavi has shared some new pictures of Maldives vacations on her Instagram. In one picture, Janhvi is standing on the edge of the sea and she is looking at the sun. In the second picture, she is sitting and posing while looking at the camera. Jahnavi is wearing a white color crop top and denim shorts during this time. Along with the photographs he wrote a long wide note and apologized. After all, why do they apologize?

Apologized on social media
Jahnavi writes that ‘Forgive me, you gave us so much but I could not appreciate him. Forgive me for every second you have forgotten your beauty. ‘ Janhvi further writes that ‘You never backed away from that patience, you waited that we would take care, sorry.’
Actually, Jahnavi has dedicated this post to World Earth Day. In which she is thanking nature.

Upcoming movies by Jahnavi
Talking about Jahnavi, his film ‘Roohi’ was released some time ago. She was accompanied by Rajkumar Rao and Varun Sharma in the film. Apart from this, Jahnavi is working in the films ‘Good Luck Jerry’ and ‘Dostana 2’.

Bonding with Sara
Sara posted a video in which she is at the edge of the swimming pool with Jahnavi Kapoor and doing workouts. He is accompanied by his trainer Namrata Purohit. Who are monitoring both. Sara and Janhvi are seen doing many types of exercises together. During this, both of them also look at each other and smile. While sharing the video, Sara wrote in the caption- ‘That’s how you will get golden glow’.

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