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Best YouTube Intro Maker and Templates 2021


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Are you on the lookout for creating a good quality intro for YouTube? Of course, you will need the right tool for this purpose. You need to use tools that speak of functionality and ease of use.

But, first things first, why use an intro maker? It is always a great idea to use intro makers because by going this way, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money to make a great intro.

Next, you can create intros for yourself even if you do not have any video editing skills. Also, using an intro-making tool helps make intros within just a few minutes.

With YouTube growing at a breakneck pace, both in terms of video makers and viewership, it becomes essential for businesses to have great intros for their videos to gain the attention of the viewers.

Here’s a list of the best YouTube intro makers that will help you create great intros and stunning, informative content:


1. InVideo

InVideo works superbly fine when it comes to making YouTube intros of the best quality. The very first thing that is noteworthy about InVideo is its design which has been brought in place to work with the Chrome browser.

Coming to the point of using the app for creating video intros for YouTube, InVideo is quite awesome. This tool is entirely different from the majority of the other programs that come with limited customization features.

InVideo offers a plethora of customization options to its users, which means that the users do not have to go a long way to learn the usage of this tool. Users can start with premade templates and keep adding their own customizations to make them exclusive and suitable enough for their brands.

InVideo is an excellent YouTube intro maker where the users get easy access to a large library of videos and images, along with some of the most stunning templates for creating intros. Thus, it can rightly be said that it is the perfect video editor and intro maker for YouTubers looking for 100% exclusive intros for their respective channels.


2. Panzoid Intro Maker 

This free tool can effectively be used not just for creating intros but even for editing video content. It comes with a plethora of intro templates for the users to make their choice from. Users can go for almost any template that they consider perfect for their channel.

There are endless choices available for the users, and this is one of the best reasons why experts recommend going for Panzoid intro maker. With Panzoid, you can choose unlimited YouTube intros and get them downloaded absolutely free of cost.

Panzoid offers its users an intuitive and modern interface for editing available templates to create the most amazing video intros. The app comes with ready-to-be-used templates and is perfect for new channels on YouTube. It also works fine for professionals looking to create kids-related videos. Panzoid will be the right choice for you if you have an already established YouTube channel with good traffic on it.


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3. Tube Arsenal

This newbie-friendly intro maker for YouTube videos helps users in creating unique animated intros with the logos and texts as wished for by the users. It comes with a quick and simple interface.

You do not require any technical skills for creating professional intros with the use of this tool. Tube Arsenal comes loaded with several ready-to-use templates that can be chosen by the users to start with their job of editing and to create video intros.

Even the editing interface of this app is simply letting users quickly understand the options that they have. This app can effectively be used for highlighting videos on YouTube and for offering an exclusive display that viewers will be intrigued by.

It allows users to brand their channels with distinct animation. Its design makes use of tons of motion templates allowing users to create various noteworthy things. Its content works fine with several template layouts, and as an intro maker, it works fine for both high-definition and low definition videos.

The abstractly flat attribute of the introductions created on Tube Arsenal makes them more pleasing and artistically appealing.


4. Velosofy

This YouTube intro maker comes with 1600+ animated video templates and is absolutely free. This pretty vast collection of templates is meant explicitly for creating some of the most amazing intros.

Professional creators have designed the templates on Velosofy, and the same can easily be downloaded and dropped on any YouTube video editing software. With Velosofy, the users also get easy access to a vivid selection of aftereffect and Photoshop templates that can effectively be used for creating video intros.


5. Offeo

Offeo is a multifaceted tool that is perfect for creating different video assets like social media videos, intros, and promos. This clean-looking app is certainly one of the best apps available out there when it comes to making YouTube video intros.

For people who are looking for a simple tool for creating YouTube intros within minutes, then Offeo would be a great choice. It comes loaded with a plethora of customization options, out of which the most exclusive ones are giving users the flexibility of tweaking with video timeline and adding custom animations.

The collection of top-quality templates that Offer comes with makes it one of the most popular videos creating platforms. You need not be a creative genius for creating good-looking and engaging YouTube intros with the use of Offeo.



Of course, you have the option of hiring the services of a professional when it comes to creating YouTube intros. Nevertheless, the most affordable option for you would be going for these intro makers detailed above.

Taking this important step will not just help you in creating some of the best intros but will also get you quality intros without spending much. So, go ahead and enjoy creating your YouTube intros without facing any trouble.

If still in doubt regarding the use of these intros, go through their reviews and see what they can do to fetch your promotional requirements.



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