14 Best Pubs & Bars in Kolkata For Millenials in 2020

The city of pleasure, Kolkata is popularly known for its tram, literature, theater, and meals. Everywhere you go, you will see people savoring meals. But the town is more than that. There is decadence and glamour when the night falls. That is the time when the youthful audience of the town becomes the pub crawlers. The pubs in Kolkata are elegant and trendy. You can see every pub caters to a certain age and crowd. The pubs at the mall are meant for the young school going audience, while the bars at Park street appeal to the elites with all the jazz music. Every pub has something to offer and makes the civilization of this city. Here is a curated list of the best bars of Kolkata.

14 Best Pubs Bars In Kolkata | Pubs Bars In calacatta


14. 10 Downing Street

Chinese, Barbecue, Asian, Bar, Indian, Continental, North Indian, Chinese
Vegetarian Friendly
Lunch, Dinner
Reservations, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Table Service, Television

Popular Dishes
Mustard Chilli Fish, Kadhai Mutton, Shanghai Prawn, Oyster Chicken, Tandoori Platter, Chilli Lamb

People Say This Place Is Known For
Best Pub, Dj Music, Service and Quality of Food, Happy Hour Menu, Sound System, Classy Ambience

Average Cost
₹1,600 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges, if any

₹250 for a pint of beer (approx.)

How do we calculate cost for two?

Cash and Cards accepted

13. Privy Ultra Lounge, Kolkata

This pub is one of those rarities where you have a fine dining venue attached to a pub. Raucous partying or relaxed dining for the whole family – take your pick. The food is great, we’d recommend the Kebab Platter and the drinks are well-made; try cocktails or mocktails. The DJ plays crowd-friendly music and the dance floor is quite spacious. If you’re planning a birthday party for grown-ups, Privy Ultra Lounge is definitely recommended.

Where: Forum Mall, Elgin Road, Kolkata
Timings: 12.00 noon – 12.00 midnight
Cost for Two: ₹1,200

12. Someplace Else

This is the bar in Kolkata which had its first live jazz songs. With its British interior decor, Someplace Else is one of the elitist pubs located at the Park Hotel at the iconic Park Street. The pub is known for its amazing live music by the group Hip Pocket. It is the hub of musicians. Someplace Else has free entry and stags are permitted. Additionally, there is a happy hour until 8:30 pm.

11. Fairlawn

This is old age and traditional bar of Kolkata that belonged to the colonial era. Located inside the heritage Elgin Fairlawn Hotel, the bar still draws the crowd from the old to the young blood of Kolkata. It has a classic vibe. The food and beer will total cost you less than Rs 500.

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10. Xrong Place

For your pocket-friendly college going crowd, Xrong Place is the perfect bar in Kolkata You can chug beer till 8:30 and play pool with your friends. Thursdays are for karaoke where you get drinks for singing a tune. Wednesday is for the ladies to grab free drinks. The pub is always live with energy

9. Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar was among those chains of pubs made its arrival in Kolkata in 2016. The bricked interior decor along with the panoramic view of the cityscape adds a different vibe to the bar in Kolkata. The menu is innovative and quirky. Pub crawlers attempt the gimlet”Toast to Calcutta”, brewed with gin and basil.

8. Hoppipola

For those who like to eat drink, and playHoppipola is the crib. This pub in Kolkata draws the youthful crowd of town every day. The blue and white decor resembles a destination in Santorini.

7. Illusion Lounge

Among the best and most affordable dance clubs in Kolkata situated slightly in the outskirts and thus frequented by office goers and South Kolkatans. Illusion Lounge is located inside Metropolis mall 2nd Floor. The affordable price is crowned by lip-smacking dishes. You can enjoy an infinite pool game while enjoying the nightlife.

6. The Irish home

Another popular series of bars that made its way in Kolkata is the Irish House. The pub actually reminds you of a bar in Dublin. The bar has dimly lit interiors with wooden chairs. The beer is also pored from the barrel to give a vintage Irish touch. Irish home has tasty steaks and appetizers. It also hosts karaoke night and Sunday brunches with infinite alcohol and food offers. This is the hub for all day drinking.

5. Aqua, Kolkata

There’s an awesome pool at Aqua. Enough said! There’s also a DJ spinning the grooves just like you love them, there are hookahs to relax with and it’s all happening under the deep, blue sky dotted with stars. Ok maybe not if it rains. But Aqua is one of the best pubs in Kolkata for some memorable after-dark entertainment. Give it a shake on your next trip.

Where: The Park Hotel, 17 Park Street, Kolkata
Timings: Open all hours
Cost for Two: ₹3,000

4. Monkey Bar, Kolkata

If you’re sipping an awesome cocktail called ‘Toast to Calcutta’ while enjoying stunning views of the city, you’re definitely at the Monkey Bar. The place has a relaxed, kinda rustic setting with exposed brick walls, an interesting menu that changes frequently and an awesome vibe that stays with you long after you leave. Do try the Nolengur Crème Brule and the Butter Chicken Khichdi while here.

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Where: Fort Knox, 6 Camac Street, Kolkata
Timings: 12.00 noon – 1.00 am
Cost for Two: ₹1,500

3. The Grid, Kolkata

If you love a Craft beer then you simply have to try The Grid’s home-brewed suds, the Caldera and the Growler of Belgium specifically. And you get to have it in fabulously-themed interiors filled with whimsy – Lego bar tables, fun, asymmetric architecture and geometric structures that play tricks on your mind. The food does that too…think Punjabi – style Chili Chicken, Kolkata Chili Fish and the Juhu Gymkhana Noodles.

Where: Haute Street Corporate Park, 86A, Topsia Road (South), Kolkata
Timings: 12.00 noon – 12.00 midnight
Cost for Two: ₹2,000

2. Olypub, Kolkata

Sitting right in the heart of the city on the famed Park Street, Olypub is actually a heritage site. It’s been around since 1947 and was known as the Olympia Bar & Restaurant back then. Born again as Olypub in the early 1980s, this one’s full of stories, famed for its beef steak and really cheap drinks. We see a boozy haze and a ludicrous smile in your future, folks…make it real, visit this historic pub when you’re next in Kolkata only if to pay homage to the past.

Where: 21, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata
Timings: 11.00 am – 11.00 pm
Cost for Two: ₹1,100


1. The Irish House, Kolkata

Who died and said a drink can only be had after the sun goes home? Certainly not The Irish House because they’d serve you a drink (and a fantastic one at that) any time of the day. One of the first all-day pubs in Kolkata, this one loves experimenting with its cocktails and always manages to pleasantly surprise you, case in point – the Inverted Bird. Great for catching up with friends or an evening out after work, The Irish House also serves a killer lunch. And if you can manage it, try your hand (and vocal chords) at their karaoke night on Wednesdays; good fun for your friends, if not you.

  • Where: Quest Mall, Ballygunge, Kolkata
  • Timings: Open all day
  • Cost for Two: ₹1,900

Some other nightclubs and pubs in Kolkata that deserve a mention, even if they didn’t make it to our list are: Hoppipola in Acropolis Mall – a fun place with a very popular happy hour, the Hard Rock Café on Park Street – always a failsafe, Xrong Place on Southern Avenue – it’s all about partying hard and Scrapyard on Camac Street – the sizzlers are amazing, there’s outdoor seating and hence it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends over a leisurely brunch. love to read shopping places in Kolkata.

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