Transgender and society

In every culture, transgender is considered to be an anomalous identity. They are not considered to be part of society and facing so difficult forceful situations in-order to live their life. Being transgender is not a crime or someone’s mistake. They need respect and all the better ways to make their life as anyone else dreams. They are struggling to prove themselves in many ways. The digital trends have made their way somehow reliable for the transgender to get the advantage over the criticized lifestyle.

The trend changing transgender identities

Caroline Paige

Caroline Paige served the UK’s armed forces. She has almost 35-years of flying expertise, having the technical aspect of flying F4 Phantom fighters during the Cold War. Caroline Paige served in the Gulf war and then moved towards jet flying to the helicopters in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. She performed her duties irrespective of being a transgender identity. According to her, “It’s not about who you are, it’s about what you can do.”

Erika Ervin

Erika Ervin proved to be one of the versatile tops ranked models. Erika has been recognized as the tallest model having 6’8” without heels in the world till 2011. She belongs to California and gets the flavor of famed.

Chaz Bono

Where there is a will, always opening the door of success is waiting. Chaz Bono is one of the famous American actor and activist. He is best for his working in the area of American Horror story and curbs your Enthusiasm.

He is unique in its potential. He has written three books, including NY Times bestsellers, family outing 1998, and Transition edition published by Dutton in 2011.

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Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera is one of the internationally well-known personalities and an outstanding fashion reminder for the youth. She started her career from RuPauls Drag,Race Season 3 and performed some transitional characters from male to female.


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