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UFC-Que Choisir needs to ban adverts that encourage youngsters to eat badly


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The look of the Nutri-Score on all meals merchandise serves as an indicator for shoppers wishing to buy solely wholesome merchandise. The UFC-Que Choisir assaults youngsters’s meals and extra particularly, commercials that give rise to “food marketing abuses”.

7 associations denounce meals advertising and marketing

The UFC-Que Choisir and 6 different associations of shoppers, mother and father of scholars, households and sufferers want “Challenge the general public authorities” due to a petition. The latter targets meals merchandise for kids to be able to shield them “Excesses of meals advertising and marketing”. Its goal is to acquire “A legislation of moralizing meals advertising and marketing”.

Indeed, associations goal commercials whose meals are rated D and E on the Nutri-Score. It is famous that “88% of the spots concern meals with Nutri-Score D and E, that’s to say the 2 most unfavorable rankings from a dietary standpoint (towards 43% for meals + all audiences +)”. The research reveals that “For meals meant for kids, there may be an overabundance of merchandise which are too fatty, too candy or too salty”.

On the opposite, “For ‘normal public’ meals, a reasonably balanced distribution is noticed within the 5 Nutri-Score lessons”. Thus, 76% of spots meant for kids are McDonald’s, Haribo, Heads burned, Ferrero, Burger King and Kellogg’s.

What options?

This is why the research is sounding the alarm: “While the commitments of the agri-food trade promoted by the general public authorities are a failure and the extent of childhood weight problems is alarming, there may be greater than ever an pressing must act to acquire a framework for promoting aimed toward shoppers. youngsters by prohibiting the promotion on screens (tv and Internet) of meals whose consumption should be restricted. “

After watching 7,150 commercials and 448 hours of tv packages, the findings are clear. The associations estimate that the supervision of pubs meant for kids is an enormous failure 10 years after the primary research. So they ask “The prohibition of commercials for meals meant for kids with a Nutri-Score ‘D’ or ‘E’, in audiovisual content material watched by a lot of youngsters”. This request issues each the Internet and tv.

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The aim is that youngsters are now not the popular targets of advertisers, is that potential?

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