The question of storing games on new consoles is on everyone’s lips. To increase the SSD storage space on PS5 it will be necessary to wait.

The PlayStation 5 is coming soon, and Sony is gradually confirming important information to better prepare for the launch. For example, we learned that it will be impossible to buy it in stores for its release, in France or elsewhere, or that it does not natively support the 1440p definition. This time, it is on the question of storage that we will focus.

Both PS5 models officially come with 825GB SSD, which will likely shrink to around 650 or 700GB once formatted and the system installed. When a game like Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War is announced at 133 GB on PS5, a very extreme case, there is reason to be concerned about the machine’s ability to accommodate many games in the future.

To increase this storage, Sony provides two solutions: connect a hard drive to copy the PS4 or PS5 games, or install a second SSD inside the console.

SSD expansion, but not right away

This physical location is already ready on the PS5 and rather easy to access if we believe the dismantling of the console made by Sony. But it won’t do any good to add an SSD to it just yet.

The location for the second SSD in the PS5

The location for the second SSD in the PS5

Sony has indeed confirmed to The Verge site that the location is currently disabled. It will be necessary to wait for a future software update to activate the location and allow players to integrate a certified SSD. During Mark Cerny’s “road to PS5” presentation in March, where he presented the console’s architecture, he warned that the list of compatible SSDs would probably be ready after launch.

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It’s hard to know why Sony lets this location deactivate at launch. We can assume that software support for a second SSD, with data copy management or controller, is not yet ready to accommodate PS5 games. Most likely, Sony probably wants to prevent its customers from making the wrong choice of SSD. Today, there are only one or two SSD models that would theoretically be compatible with the PS5, and Sony has not confirmed compatibility for any of those yet.

For its part, Microsoft offers a solution from the launch of the Xbox Series S and Series X with a Seagate 1 TB SSD expansion card. is marketed at 270 euros by Seagate. In the long run, however, Sony should win the storage-to-price war with its PC-based solution.

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