The last to not yet have access to it, the iPhone and the iPad could soon take advantage of Google Stadia. A Youtuber found traces in the code of a version of the service on Safari, Apple’s browser.

Google could finally afford Apple. Or rather, Stadia could finally land on iPhone and iPad. Since its launch in November 2019, the cloud gaming platform has successfully established itself on Android smartphones and tablets, PCs and Macs via the web on Chrome, or TV with Chromecast. But he still lacked the Apple brand mobile devices.

Accessible from the web and not the app

It would soon be a thing of the past, to believe one video from YouTuber Gem Stadia. The videographer found traces in the service code of official support for Safari, Apple’s browser, on iOS 14. Because until now, iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 could not launch Google Stadia from the Chrome browser, for lack of the necessary features to run properly.

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In the code traces shown by Gem Stadia, we learn that this would be reserved specifically for iPhone and iPad. This would probably be a beta first, as was the 4G / 5G gaming feature or other features. Google would ask for feedback from its players in order to refine everything.

The Stadium alternative is back

Apple’s new OS and its AppleWebKit would have enabled Stadia teams to work on the deployment of the cloud gaming service on Safari. The Stadia app currently only allows you to manage your account and launch on another medium. Google would therefore have followed the same method as Amazon Luna or more recently GeForce Now through the browser. Xbox, which feigned by offering the streaming console via its eponymous app, could also soon opt for the web app.

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Recently, a developer had developed the Stadium application, an onboard browser to bypass Apple’s cloud gaming ban and launch Stadia anyway. The Cupertio company was quick to ban the application from its App Store before seeming to authorize it again.

Family Sharing finally available

There is no indication that the version of Stadia on Safari will be deployed soon. Google could nevertheless make the announcement next week during the festivities surrounding the first anniversary of the platform.

This would be in addition to the Family Sharing function finally launched in recent days and which allows you to share your game library with all members of your family, whether you are a Stadia Pro subscriber or not. But for the moment on all media except iPhone and iPad …

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