Home Article The confinement has plunged many French folks into precariousness, warns Secours populaire

The confinement has plunged many French folks into precariousness, warns Secours populaire


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Secours populaire is launching a new alert: precariousness has drastically elevated throughout confinement. Almost 1.3 million folks have requested the affiliation’s assist throughout these 2 months. Newly, practically 45% of individuals asking for assist were doing so for the primary time.

Nearly 1.3 million folks have requested assist from Secours populaire throughout confinement

The figures introduced by the Secours populaire are instructive: practically 1.3 million folks requested for assist from the Secours populaire through the 2 months of confinement. The affiliation’s newest barometer, revealed on September 30, reviews rising figures. During the two months of confinement, 1,270,000 folks requested assist from Secours populaire, whereas these figures were 3.3 million all through 2019.

Another novelty, amongst these candidates, 45% were unknown to the Secours populaire providers. In other phrases, this is the primary time they have requested for assist, a signal that the disaster is spreading. Many employees at the moment are asking for assist, particularly self-entrepreneurs, merchants, non permanent employees, intermittents …

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We have by no means skilled a scenario like this since World War II

Henriette Steinberg, basic secretary of the affiliation, is alarmed by this determine of 45%: “An absolutely huge number. But I am afraid that it is still increasing ”, she provides. “We have by no means skilled a scenario like this since World War II, and it is pressing”, she continues. “Many had by no means requested for assist from anyone. And there, not solely do they now not have enough to eat, however they can now not pay their lease, nor electrical energy. “

Students are significantly affected. Kab Niang, head of the Secours populaire department at Paris-8 University, delivered greater than 1,800 meals packages to his comrades throughout confinement. “Usually we do about fifty packages a month. But in twenty-four hours, I received 250 requests. And each week, the requests were more numerous ”, he explains. “Many of us had no more source of income, it was a hassle, even to pay a rent of 300 euros in a roommate or in a university room ”, provides this grasp’s pupil of French literature. He was not happy with these actions since he, with his academics, launched an on-line jackpot, and raised as much as € 50,000. “What to purchase fruit, greens or hygiene merchandise, but additionally an ’emergency fund’ to assist those who had the most problem paying their payments”, he specifies. According to him, requests have decreased a little however will not be going to cease. “Some college students have stopped their research, after shedding their condo and their job, they are discouraged”, this pupil laments. With regard to employers, “They don’t wish to renew their fixed-term contracts, as a result of it is too unsure, if tomorrow we reconfine”.

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The misfortunes are prone to proceed, since 800,000 job cuts are anticipated this 12 months, in keeping with the Banque de France. Globally, in keeping with the UN, 130 million extra folks could fall into power starvation. It is due to the assistance of associations that many folks survive, however that is not enough, and it would after all be essential for States to take cost of their fellow residents disadvantaged by a disaster that no one could foresee.

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