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Sustica painted on facade of mosque in France


Agen, France – A sustics and several offensive graffiti have been painted on the facade of the Agen mosque in southwestern France, court and city hall sources said on Sunday. Among those graffiti, carried out on Sunday morning, there is a sustics, said a AFP judicial source.

A city hall source also told AFP that on the walls of the building there were drawings of “a raised middle finger” and “a male genitalia”. Massaud Settati, who runs the place of worship, told AFP that passers-by warned him “around 0200” that they had seen these inscriptions on the facade.

The Agen police station, responsible for the investigation, requested surveillance footage from the mosque, he said. According to Settati, they show that a man, alone, enters the building’s premises “just after midnight”.

“It is not known whether the work of a stunned, lost person is the first time that we have had this type of wrongdoing” at the mosque, he said. In a tute, Interior Minister Grald Darmanin strongly condemned the unacceptable damage to the Agen mosque, hateful acts contrary to the values ​​of the Republic. Support to Agen Muslims.


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