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No clue of the killers of the girl has been found till now, Gurugram police announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh


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Police have not yet been able to identify the miscreants who shot and killed a young woman who went for a walk with a friend late on Tuesday night in Gurugram, Haryana. After investigating for a week, the police.


In Haryana, the police have not yet been able to identify the miscreants who shot dead a young woman who was shot dead by a friend in Gurugram late Tuesday night. The police announced a reward of five lakh on Hatadhaya on Monday after a week-long investigation. Five lakh rupees cash reward will be given to those who report the accused and his identity will also be kept secret.

To identify hatadhaya, Gurugram police examined more than 600 cameras on the city’s main road, intersections, city-to-come and out-of-the-way routes. Police found footage of miscreants in a place CCTV camera, but the police could not identify them. The police have declared a reward on the three Hatadhaya. The police hope that there will be some information about Hatadhaya.

Police Commissioner K.K. Rao said that a reward has been declared on Hatadhaya. Soon the photo will also be shared in the footage of Hatadhaya so that Hatadhaya are arrested at the earliest. He said the police will also investigate at their level and efforts will be made to reach Hatadhaya.

The incident took place on November 4

Pooja Sharma, a 26-year-old girl working in a private company, was walking in the night after eating with her friend Sagar. He was going to sector-40 after seeing the under-construction flat of Sagar in Sector-65 at 9.15 pm. At 9.15 p.m., three young men who had already come on bikes from SPR Road stopped their car. Two youths came off the bike. Pooja Sharma was running the car at the time of the incident. The two miscreants asked the car to unload the glass. The young man first fired at the ocean when he did not unload the glass. In which he survived the hair. When Pooja Sharma started driving, the other crook shot him in his head. Pooja Sharma died during treatment on Thursday.