Home Crime BJP worker snatches pistol and bike from miscreants in Ghaziabad

BJP worker snatches pistol and bike from miscreants in Ghaziabad


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In Ghaziabad, a local BJP leader clashed with miscreants trying to rob him on the strength of arms on Monday evening. This young leader also snatched the crooks’ native pistols and bikes. However, the crooks flee.

In Ghaziabad, a local BJP leader went to the miscreants trying to loot him on the armed forces Monday evening. The young leader also snatched the indigenous pistols and bikes of the miscreants. However, the crooks succeeded in fleeing and the police at some distance from the incident later arrived on the spot and completed the formalities.

BJP OBC Morcha Metropolitan President Harendra Chaudhary said that the workers named Shami are staying with them and joining hands in the party’s activities. On Monday evening, he came to the old bus station with Shami to build flex near a printer. The design of the flex was still being decided that someone’s phone came on Shami’s mobile and he went out of the shop while talking. So the miscreants tried to snatch the chain from his neck. Incidentally, Shami already noticed the intention of the miscreants and took him to the chain of miscreants.

Hearing the noise outside, he himself rushed to the spot and tried to catch the miscreants, but so he succeeded in breaking the locket of the rogue chain.

Harendra Chaudhary said that Shami had snatched the bikes of the miscreants and the native pistol from his hand in this snatch. When the miscreants were out of hand, he briefed the police on the matter. On the spot, police have recovered the bikes and native pistols of miscreants from the spot.

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Sihani Gate Kotwal Krishna Gopal Sharma said that he is trying to identify the unidentified miscreants by registering a case against him on the basis of writing.