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Mental health of students severely affected by confinement


This second confinement is complicated for many professional sectors, but also for students. How to react to the many opportunities that close in front of you and your life that stops momentarily? A study reveals the consequences of confinement on their mental health.

Students, the main victims of confinement

The students are alone, confined to small spaces and often in great precariousness, which undermines their morale. Although confinement is hard for everyone to bear, students are among the main victims. Young people have no social relationship, no classes, the universities are closed, and concerns about their future are increasing.

All these reasons have consequences on their morale, which is extremely weakened. Doctors even note the exacerbation of psychological problems in some. 20 minutes relates the testimony of Marion, a 24-year-old student who sees confinement as an injustice: “We students are the only ones with the elderly who have no reason to leave our homes. I see my parents still going to work, my cousins ​​going to high school, and I feel super isolated. “

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What are the consequences of confinement on the mental health of students?

To help students, Jean Castex has created 1,600 jobs to avoid isolation and detect situations of unease in order to react as quickly as possible. Indeed, requests for support are on the rise, worries the psychiatrist and head of department of the French Student Health Foundation, Dominique Monchablon.

Also involved, the stress accumulated by worries for their health and that of those around them, their professional future, loneliness or family tensions during confinement. To quantify these concerns, 31% of students (or one in three) showed signs of psychological distress during the first confinement, reveals the study of Observatory of student life. The most vulnerable turn out to be foreign students in financial difficulty. However, some students remain optimistic: “I have no doubt that the life before will be able to return one day. “

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