Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has protested the violence during the farmers’ tractor rally. Farmers took out a tractor rally on Republic Day. During this time, peasant protesters reached the Red Fort in Delhi and hoisted their religious flag there. Meanwhile, Kangana shared a video of her saying that the Khalistani flag has been hoisted at the Red Fort. Now Kangna’s statement may spark controversy.

In the video, Kangana Ranaut says, “Friends, we are seeing how the Red Fort was attacked on Republic Day today. The Khalistani flag was waved there. Our country is winning the battle with Corona. We are representing the whole world. We are also representing other countries in terms of vaccine drive. Today we could celebrate this thing. One year has been very difficult for us, but you see that the whole country has been shaken. ”

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Kangana further said that the kind of photographs coming from the Red Fort is quite surprising. These terrorists who are calling themselves farmers are giving encouragement to these people. This Surrey is becoming common. This spectacle is happening in front of everyone. Today we are left as a joke in the world. We have no respect When this country goes ahead, it is brought back by pulling 10 steps. Put all those who are supporting this so-called peasant movement in jail. Let all their resources be taken away. This country is left as a joke

Kangana Ranaut, a farmer who entered the Red Fort, asked Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra to tighten up – this is what you guys wanted

Know what happens Nishan Sahib
Farmers hoisted their religious flag mark Sahib at the Red Fort during the demonstration on Tuesday. Nishan Sahib is considered very sacred in Sikhism. This yellow colored flag is made of cotton or silk cloth. In the middle of the flag is a khanda sign, which is made of blue color. Nishan Sahib is highly respected in the Sikh community.

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