Today is the 48th birthday of actor and director John Abraham. John Abraham, who gave films like Vicky Donor, often talks about his professional life, but rarely talks about his personal life. In particular, very few people know about his marriage and love story with wife Priya Runchal. John Abraham met Priya Runchal, who worked at the World Bank, in the gym. In this gym in Mumbai, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu used to go for workouts together. It is said that both were in a relationship at that time.

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Meanwhile, Priya Runchal also started coming to work out in the gym. It is 2010. Bipasha Basu is said to have been very close to John Abraham at that time. But during this time a separate chemistry was being formed between Priya and John Abraham. It is said that Bipasha Basu did not even know about this or that he had ignited everything while knowing. In this way, the proximity to Jim brought John Abraham and Priya Runchal to the wedding. John Abraham decided to marry in 2012 after the grand success of his film Vicky Donor and the National Film Award.

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John and Priya married in 2014 in the US. Priya Runchal, an American investment banker, holds American citizenship and is usually away from the gossip of the Indian film industry. John Abraham once said about wife Priya’s stay away from the limelight, ‘I don’t like paparazzi at the time when I am spending time with my wife. Especially when I am spending quality time with my wife. Priya likes privacy.

Apart from films, John Abraham is also the owner of the Indian Super League football team North East United FC. John Abraham, who has done stunts in films, is a man who works for Animal Rights and is a vegetarian.

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