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First artificial cornea transplant restores sight to 78-year-old man


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Suffering from near total blindness, a 78-year-old man received the first artificial cornea transplant. Thanks to this innovative operation, his vision was greatly improved and he was able to recognize his loved ones again.

A significant and immediate improvement in vision

Corneal disease is the third leading cause of blindness worldwide, with two million cases diagnosed each year according to theWHO. Eyes that have suffered significant trauma become increasingly difficult to transplant, with scarred and distorted corneas proving difficult to replace. When possible, artificial corneal transplantation is a safer alternative to donor surgery.

Performed by hospital doctors Beilinson, in Israel, artificial cornea transplant CorNeat KPro, which integrates completely with the wall of the eye without depending on the donor tissue, has proven to be successful despite the patient’s eyes severely damaged during the various previous operations, failing to restore his vision. The man had lost his sight ten years ago due to edema and related conditions, and could only distinguish fuzzy shapes.

Following the removal of the bandages, the patient observed a significant and immediate improvement in his vision: he was able to identify the fingers that were stretched out to him, numbers of different sizes (something which was impossible for him before the operation) and to recognize his daughter. which he had not distinguished for years.

Being in that room at the time was surreal. After years of hard work, seeing a colleague implant the CorNeat KPro with ease and seeing another human recovering their sight the next day was both electrifying and touching. “Said the Dr Gilad Litvin, from the biomimetic implant company CorNeat Vision.

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“Moments like these are the fulfillment of our vocation as doctors”

The surgical procedure was straightforward and the result exceeded all of our expectations. Times like these are the fulfillment of our vocation as doctors », Estimated the professor Irit Bahar, director of the ophthalmology department of the medical center of Rabin, having performed the operation. ” We are proud to be at the head of this exciting project which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the lives of millions of people.. “

Corneal implantation CorNeat KPro was approved in June 2020, marking the start of an international clinical trial involving 10 patients who could not benefit from a human corneal transplant, or who had already suffered multiple surgical failures. Ultimately, the researchers hope that the technology Corneat Vision will allow all patients suffering from corneal blindness to be treated in record time.

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