Cover letters are positively acknowledged. But, most of the time recruiters don’t read. Most of the time, they just skim through it. So, your cover letter should grab attention. And, common cover letter mistakes can ruin your impression.

Here, we will discuss the common cover letter mistakes that should not be in your cover letter.

Don’t Focus on Yourself much:

Indeed the employers want to know what you can do for the company. So, don’t focus too much on yourself. Write about how you can add value to the company.

Don’t share all the Details:

Nobody wants to know a lot about your past experiences. So, don’t share all the details of every single job you have ever had. It’s one of the most common cover letter mistakes done.

Don’t talk about insecurities:

Don’t write about something you are uncomfortable with. Moreover, focus on your achievements. Don’t shed too much light on your insecurities. It’s one of the cover letter mistakes that you should avoid.

Novel-like Cover Letter:

A novel-like cover letter makes the hiring manager tired.

Don’t Copy the Resume:

Your interviewer has read your resume. So, you should not copy out your entire resume. But, give the same feel of your resume and application.

Don’t exaggerate your qualities:

Although, you should focus on why you are an ideal candidate. But, don’t exaggerate it.

Don’t be a Superfan:

Furthermore, you should not waste your cover letter talking too much about why you love the company.

Typing Mistakes:

Typos can end up costing you a new job. This is as simple as it sounds. Check your spelling and grammar.

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Follow the Instructions:

Re-read your job descriptions. And, follow the simplest instructions.

Lack of research:

Lack of research takes away the attention.

Formal or Casual Openings:

Don’t be so formal or so much casual. Apart from it, you can also use generic openers.


Your resume and cover letter should be mistake-free. Because the cover letter mistakes take away the attention of the employer. Make sure that you don’t get overboard. As a matter of fact, cover letters are not read by employers. So, try to make it skimmable.

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