04. Armáni Códe Cáshmere by GIORGIO ARMANI

Armáni Códe Cáshmere

This one is my personal favorite women fragrance for the winter season.  This one is called Armáni Códe Cáshmere. Ladies please please do me a favor and imagine yourself in this situation where you have a great husband who is mega successful and he invites you to the Alps. And he has a wooden house which is totally alone in the big mountains of the Alps and there’s snow all around you in the wintertime. The fireplace is burning. Your husband is the coolest. You come to your husband you are wearing a cast Kashmiri sweater and that’s the fragrance you wear.

It’s the original Armani core DNA with added cacao praline deliciousness with added deliciousness. The original Armani code DNA with added deliciousness is what you get with this one.

This generally is a very seductive sexy female perfume. You have to try it. Let’s see how long this will be and still in stock. So try the Gorgeous Armáni Códe Cáshmere the original Armani code DNA with added deliciousness.

03. Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum by MARC JACOBS ( link )

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum by MARC JACOBS

This is. Not for the gold digger woman but also not for the Head Hunter woman. But this is for the man eater woman. You are the man eater superstar woman that gets every man she wants. You want to smell the most confident the most man eater-ish on the planet. Then there’s no other fragrance besides Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Decadence.  It’s gorgeous plum and has a plum. All right cool creative it has masculine notes like Amber and vetted. They’re super hardcore masculine notes shows the strength of this fragrance. So if you are a lady boss trout Marc Jacobs Decadence.

02. Viva La Juicy Gold Couture by Juicy Couture ( Link )

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture by Juicy Couture

Number two the best fragrance for a woman on the market even if I release my own fragrance for a woman this is it, This is Viva La Juicy Gold Couture, currently my most favorite perfume for women. Smelling it once can take you to the age when you were 16 or 17. It makes me want to quit my job and go back to my boyfriend back in the days. That’s how awesome this thing reminds me of my past, you only have one first love.

This is personally for me a holy fragrance. But of course I also showed it to some of my male friends and they love it as well. This seductive female perfume DNA is just gorgeous. It’s just gorgeous sweet fruity floral sexiness for a woman does not have the longest performance but it’s still sexy as you know.

01. Tresor La Nuit By Lancome L’Eau De Parfum by LANCOME PARIS ( Link )

Tresor La Nuit By Lancome L'Eau De Parfum

All right. And the number one spot which is very boring for me which I don’t like. I don’t like this fragrance but still, I am suggesting it to you because it’s technically although Françoise I’m not so technical technically it’s the best one. Why it’s technically the best. It has the best performance. It has the biggest mass appeal. If we would draw a line some peaks and downs and laughs generally everybody likes this one and it’s perfect for the winter because it has a brutal performance. It has a very nice sweetness but it doesn’t have such a strong character. That’s why I don’t like it so much but still technically it’s the best fragrance in these reasons what I just told you. So this is my number once but Tresor La Nuit By Lancome L’Eau De Parfum by LANCOME PARIS.

Feel free to mention your favorite fragrances in the comment box below.

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