07.  Thierry Mugler Angel Muse Eau de Parfum spray, 1.0 oz ( Link )

Thierry Mugler Angel Muse Eau de Parfum

On the number 7 spot another chocolate bomb. This is called Angel Muse and it is the Eau de Parfum version, so the strong version.

All right. Like with the other one I said Honey Monster it is the chocolate monster. More in depth. It’s a cocoa monster. So if you love cocoa then try this one out. And with this one don’t worry if you spray this thing and smell it it’s so strong. If you spread it smelled like this close there is a very good chance that you will be overwhelmed by this strength of that fragrance. It’s so strong, so my honest advice sprays it but doesn’t even smell it. Just let it come to you. It’s what’s wrong. So I gave ladies compliments that were this one but when I even myself when I spray it nowadays on a test I say it’s so strong man I’m not the biggest fan but if it’s in the air it works magically so if you love chocolate cocoa which is obviously very appropriate for the wintertime then try out. Angel Muse Eau de Parfum. Very nice one.

06. La Vie Est Belle L’Eclat Eau de Toilette 50 ml ( Link )

La Vie Est Belle L'Eclat Eau de Toilette

No big explanation needed. La Vie Est Belle L’Eclat Eau de Toilette. So strong a version of the original La Vie Est Belle and that is, of course, a worldwide phenomenon and miracle as a superstar. And this is a stronger version of that. It’s not so wintery and the character on how it smells but it’s still so strong that you can easily wear it in the wintertime so no problem on a date. This has this typical you will like me DNA so you will be liked. It’s powdery fruity slightly for floral powdery fruity slightly floral. Of course with a nice coat of feminine sweetness, I love it’s very much a big compliment. I love it very very much although it’s not so much smelling like winter. It does have the potency and it will get you compliments also in the winter time so try and La Vie Est Belle L’Eclat a stronger  version of the original La Vie Est Belle without being overwhelming sweet but still sweet enough for the winter

05. Girl Of Now Eau De Parfum Spray by ELIE SAAB ( Link )

Girl Of Now Eau De Parfum Spray by ELIE SAAB

And this one brings some creative thing to this whole game. I’m not saying you get the most compliments with this in comparison with the others because all of these are superstars. So. I’m not so not saying that it has the best performance but I’m saying that it has the most creative fragrance the end a which is pistachio vibe.

Imagine the tastiest pistachio ice. You know that green ice pistachio that’s converted into a fragrance with some nice mega feminine sweetness sugary sweet pistachio creativity is what you get with a girl now. Absolutely fantastic. The number five because it’s so creative because it’s so different. So me personally I love it very much on the number five ELIE SAAB Girl Of Now Eau De Parfum Spray. Now if you want to speak smell different than try out this one.

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