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6 Indian Movies That Are Banned by The Censor Board


The list consisting of banned Indian movies is growing rapidly, especially under this government. Not due to the government’s policy but due to opposition parties’ demands. Top Indian banned movies are listed below

Creativity has its own wings. It should fly wherever it finds an opportunity. Creative expression is a way to show the realities of the world. It can be a way to showcase what is actually going on in society. Be it the pen or the camera, both should not be able to portray a story that resonates with  the generation

Cinema is one of the finest forms of creative expression that portrays the social reality in such a form that even the common masses can see it and know the truth. Cinema shows the unspeakable truths that are hidden in the veils of politics, economics, literature, and also social institutions such as family. It uplifts the voices of the oppressed and brings it into the screen. But not everyone can digest the truth. There will be a lot of opposition. But does the cinemas deserves it, especially from the government?

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Today, any dissent opinions are being shut down by the government and social civil society groups. Taboo topics if showcased in the books or cinema are being banned by ideologists who believe that this kind of cinema is against the culture of India.  With hypocrisy around sex and homosexuality, creative expression in films have lost its liberty and never see the light of the day. Here are the films in India which were banned because of their raw content:

Here’s a list of movies which the Censor Board banned but everyone has watched every bit of these movies. All hail Torrent search engines.

Indian movies that are banned

# Fire (1996) – IMDB banned indian movies-fire 1996

Directed by the Indo-Canadian director  Deepa Mehta,  the film Fire showcased a lesbian relationship between two middle-class women who are sister-in laws by marriage.  The beautiful performance of Shabana Azmi and Nandita DAs resonated the truth that how women can sexually comfort each other and be in a relationship even with the presence of their husbands. The film raged a wildfire of opposition from the right-wing and parochial civil societies of India. Theatres were burnt and finally, the censor board of film certification  decided to ban the film

# Amu (2005) – IMDB

banned indian movies-amu 2005

Directed by Shonali Bose and starring Konkona Sen Sharma and  Brinda Karat, Amu is a political drama film that faced the wrath of politicians due to its sensitive content. Amu tells the story of a young girl Kaju, who starts having flashbacks of her childhood before she was adopted when she visits the place of a Sikh riot. The film explicitly brings out the black truth of the Sikh riots that broke in 1984 after the assassination of Indira  Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards, leading to the rape and murder of thousands of Sikh men and women in the hands of politicians from different parties of India. Bose criticize the hypocrisy of any political ideology in India and how each massacre is used by the political administration to gain votes. The movie was not in favor of the ruling party of that time and was banned by the censor board.

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