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Amyra Dastur opens about her corona battle says I was completey down and could not move


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Due to rising corona infects in the country, people are being advised to stay indoors and wear masks. Many Bollywood stars have been hit by Corona so far. After the transition, the artists told that the power to smell someone was lost, then someone told that they could not understand any test. Now in an interview, actress Amaira Dastur narrates her experiences after corona infection.

Shared experience
Amaira started work on one of his projects after the lockdown last year that his Kovid had turned 19 Test positive. After which he had quarantined himself. Speaking to the Times of India, Amaira said, ‘I had a mild fever and my Kovid turned out to be 19 test positive. I immediately quarantined myself at home. I used to live alone. On the first three days I was in poor condition. I couldn’t move and it was scary. I had terrible pain in my body and joints. Three days later I felt a little better. After 14 days of quarantine, my test came negative and I started shooting again.

How did you spend time in Quartin
Amaira states that in those 14 days he insisted on cleaning and reading the script. His mother sent food to him at the hands of the driver.
Amaira’s father is a former surgeon and remained on the frontline during the Corona era. He is currently the medical director at a hospital in Mumbai. Last year, Amaira herself was seen helping people with her father. He had said that he was proud of his father being a frontline warrior.

Film career
Amaira started her career with South Indian films. He has worked in Bollywood in films like ‘Issak’ and ‘Mr X’. She appeared in the webseries ‘Tandava’ some time ago. Soon Amaira will appear in the music video ‘Wah Ji Wah’.

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