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Aamir khan daughter ira khan shared a video shays how to pronounce her name


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Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is away from the big screen but she is very active on social media. She has a big fan following on Instagram. Now he posted an interesting video and explained how to speak his name correctly. Along with this, she says that those who do not do so will also have to pay a fine.

Aamir Khan’s daughter shared the video and explained what is the right way to take her name. She says that ‘my friends tease me by taking my name. They all call me Ira. Now I have decided to tell that my name is Aira. Like Aayi and Ra. After this, if someone calls me IRA, he will have to deposit five thousand rupees, which I will donate at the end of the month or year. Everyone calls me IRA. This is Aira for the press, media and all of you. ‘

With the video she writes that ‘Ira. I-Ra. That’s it, nothing else.’ Actually Aira is basically a Hebrew word which means fully developed and aware. According to the Bible, it was also the name of the priest or chief minister of King David.

Video was shared on depression
Some time ago, Aira Khan shared a video and talked about her depression. He had said that ‘I do not consume drugs. Do not harm myself and do not consume too much of alcohol. Whenever I go through depression, I start drinking more coffee. ‘

Date to fitness trainer
In February, Aera had told that she is dating fitness trainer Nupur Shikhare. On the day of Promise Day on Valentines Week, she shared some pictures on Instagram and wrote that ‘It is an honor to promise you’. Explain that she does not want to become an actor like Aamir. His interest is in the field of direction.

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