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Multigenerational trips offer a great chance for families to spend quality time together. Nowadays families can live all over the world, and multiple generations of the same family rarely get to spend an extended period in each other’s company. Taking a trip together gives everyone a chance to relax, get to know each other, and bond with members of their family they might not have seen for a long time. But it’s not always easy. Different generations have different priorities when it comes to travel, and extended time with people you don’t usually see that much of can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you to enjoy a successful trip.

tourism spots

Listen to Everyone

Different members of your family will have different needs, but also different priorities when it comes to a break. Some members might love lounging by a beach, while others could prefer more adventurous breaks.

Listen to everyone’s ideas and try to find something that gives everyone their top priority.


Choose the Right Destination

You’ll want a destination with plenty of attractions, but also somewhere off the beaten track with plenty of chances to relax and enjoy some time alone to meet everyone’s needs. This can take a while to find.


Don’t All Stay Together

Your first thought might be trying to find a villa or other accommodation that can house all of you. But often the key to a successful multigenerational trip is not spending all of your time together. Having separate accommodations near each other, like multiple cabins on the same site, gives you chance for time alone.

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Consider Travel Carefully

For some members of your family, travel will be easy. They might not have far to go, and they may be young, fit, and healthy without any health or mobility concerns. But that might not be the case for everyone. Families with young children might be keen to limit travel time, and if older members of your family are going to be flying it can be worth searching for non emergency medical transportation services near me to offer them support, especially if they have health concerns or will be traveling alone.


Make Some Plans

If left to your own devices, chances are your family will either stick together like glue and get annoyed with each other, or go off completely separately, defeating the object of the trip.

Make some firm plans, with booked attractions and visits for everyone, so that you know when you’ll all be doing things together. You can meet up for meals and downtime between these, but it helps people organize their time if there are bookings in place.


Schedule Rest Days

Rest days are crucial if there are very old or young members in your group. These rest days give everyone time to relax, and the more energetic members of your family can have some time to go off on their own adventures without feeling as though they are excluding anyone.

Many families find that following a successful multigenerational trip, they have better relationships with their close and distant families, and they are keen to repeat the vacation in the future.

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