When cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal's fiance Dhanashree Verma danced while eating jalebi, watch video

Dhanashree Verma’s dance video went viral

Special things

  • Dhanashree Verma danced while eating jalebi
  • Shared video on youtube
  • Yuzvendra Chahal’s fiance is Dhanashree

new Delhi:

Dhanashree Verma, the fiancé of the famous YouTuber and cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal, is famous because of his dance. Her dance videos are well-liked on YouTube, and along with her dance, her expressions also win the hearts of the fans. There is a video of Dhanashree Verma Dance Video in which she is dancing while eating Jalebi. In this video, she is dancing to the song ‘Yummy’ of Justin Bieber. In this video, Dhanashree Verma is dancing with different types of dishes at different places. In this video, both her dance and style are different.

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Dhanashree Verma is a famous YouTuber and he is also a dentist. Dhanashree Verma has a degree in 2014 from DY Patil Dental College, Navi Mumbai. Dhanashree Verma also runs Dance Academy and prepares young dancers. Dhanashree Verma has over 21 lakh likes on YouTube channel. Not only this, Dhanashree has also collaborated with well-known singers like Guru Randhawa including many big stars of Bollywood. Not only this, Dhanashree Verma has 25 lakh followers on Instagram.


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