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Young people much more affected by the coronavirus than during the previous wave in France

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More and more signs point to a resumption in the coronavirus pandemic in France. Another problem: young people are singled out more than during the peak of last March. Faced with this situation, doctors are calling more than ever for the respect of barrier gestures in order to best limit the spread of the virus.

Young people singled out

While the signals of a second epidemic peak are asserting themselves more and more in France, young people are now on the front line in the face of the coronavirus. In an interview, conducted this Saturday July 25 with the Parisian, Olivier Véran called for the “vigilance of those under 35 in the face of the circulation of Covid-19 in France. During massive screening campaigns, we notice that the patients are young, younger than during the previous wave. The rate of asymptomatics is extremely high. This is particularly the case in Île-de-France where we see young people arriving who have been infected without knowing how.. ”

Indeed, the summer season is in full swing despite the epidemic and many French people, mostly young people, go to bars or meet together. The festive moments then prevail over caution and respect for barrier gestures. “It’s complicated, we want to take advantage… But I still think of my relatives, of vulnerable people”, For example reported a young girl on vacation in Lacanau to LCI. A touch of awareness on the part of this young girl, which is unfortunately not the case for all young people. On top of that, there are many who claim that social distancing is complicated and few who wear their masks when regrouping.

I fully understand their need for a change of air and a breath” But “I call on the youth to be really vigilant”, Warned Olivier Véran. The Minister of Health also stressed that in “Catalonia, many young people were infected and the virus ended up spreading in the population”.

Young people are not spared

Young people are not spared. They can have serious forms, have late and prolonged sequelae or they can be very tired for several months.”, In turn alerted the head of the infectious diseases department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, Eric Caumes. A fact much more than real which is unfortunately ignored by many young people.

Another fear on the part of the authorities: the contamination of young people towards vulnerable people. “The greatest risk is this: these young people will be reunited with their families and transmit the virus to their vulnerable relatives.”, Explained Benjamin Davido, infectious disease specialist at Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches.

But how to understand this increase in contamination among young people? “The vulnerable and the elderly have no doubt maintained a high level of caution, while the young are less careful. The increase in the number of tests necessarily leads to an increase in the cases detected”, Added Olivier Véran.


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