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Xi Congratulates Biden on US Election Win: Chinese State Media – Xi Chinfing congratulates Joe Biden on US Presidential election victory: Chinese government agency


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This message from Xi came about two weeks after Biden sent greetings from many other countries.

Special things

  • Chinfing congratulates Biden after nearly two weeks
  • The relationship between the two countries has been tense in recent times
  • There was a round of accusation between the two countries in the Corona case


President of China Chi Chinfing (Xi Jinping) congratulated Joe Biden on winning the US presidential election. China’s official news agency gave this information. In his congratulatory message, Chinfing said that the two countries should not remain embroiled in any conflict or conflict to maintain peace and development in the world and stick to the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.

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This message of Xi came about two weeks after sending greetings to Biden from many other countries. Significantly, there has been a significant historical decline in the relations between America and China in recent times. These two superpowers of the world are undergoing accusations of accusations on issues such as trade war, espionage, human rights, freedom of media and technical rivalry.

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Both countries have also targeted each other to deal with the corona virus epidemic. Washington alleges that China initially kept information about the corona infection in the city of Wuhan hidden from the world and due to this the cases of corona increased rapidly. President Donald Trump of America had told Korana as ‘China’s gift to the world’. China’s Vice President Wang Quishan has also sent a congratulatory message to Kamala Harris, who won the US Vice-Presidential election.


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