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Willa Holland : “Beautiful Model , Actress & Voice Actress of Hollywood”


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Willa Holland

Young, talented and beautiful American girl, Willa Holland, is an actress and model of Hollywood industry. Daughter of renowned cinematographer, Keith Holland, the Queen of Hollywood, is well known for her best performances in: Gossip Girl, Arrow and The O.C.

How career starts?

The beautiful, talented girl, at the age of 7 was playing with Spielberg’s children, Spielberg told her step father, Brian, that this talented girl should be in front of camera, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that: Steven Spielberg discovered her, help her in bringing her to limelight.

Work Mode:

“Burberry” was her first modeling project signed in 1998, later the talented model and beautiful actress, starts appearing in several national commercials and reach the heights of success. In 2001, the beautiful girl performed in Madness. She also played the role of Kailin cooper, the younger sister of Mischa Barton in the O.C, play the role of April, in independent drama film, Garden party. Holland, also played the role of bad girl teen model Agnes Andrews in “Gossip Girl”. The talented actress, also appeared in fantasy action film “Legion” in 2010, and in “straw Dogs” which was on aired in 2011.

Voice Actress:

Voice actress, Willa Holland, also start voicing several roles. The role of Aqua, in Square Enix’s Disney in 2010, was her first voicing role. The beautiful, talented, popular voice actress and a model, reach the heights of success through her consistency and hard work.

Desire to work with Great Stars:

Aspiring, young actress, Willa, admires some great and worthy stars of Hollywood, Julia Robert, Johnny Depp and Van Dyke, she desires to work with them at some point in her career.

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The beautiful actress and model, has made a name in the entertainment industry as one of the most energetic and phenomenal American actress of Hollywood.

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