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Will you send the resume ?! Xiaomi plans to hire 5,000 engineers in 2021


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2021 will be a year of many occasional hires at Xiaomi, as the Chinese manufacturer has confirmed that it will hire 5,000 engineers to be part of the corporate body, which currently has 10,000 professionals in the field.

This shows that, in practice, the company will focus even more on the development of new technologies to apply more important resources in the mobile market, as well as IoT. Recently the brand launched a wide-angle telescope lens with up to 300% more light input, showing that the company’s focus will be to invest in improving the photographic part of smartphones.

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The information was confirmed by the company at the Annual Mi Developers Conference (MIDC 2020), which was held yesterday in Beijing, China. In addition to talking about this new feature in the selection of new employees, Xiaomi has also unveiled new technologies in the software sector, including the virtual assistant XiaoAI, which is in version 5.0 and promises to give many improvements to the brand’s IoT area.

“We believe that people are the basis of any innovation. When strengthening our technological competence, we must always start with (sic) finding the best people. Currently, Xiaomi has more than 10,000 talented members in its engineering team and plans to recruit 5,000 more in 2021, despite the global pandemic. My wish for the next decade is to transform Xiaomi into the dream company of every engineer and we will reinforce our strategy of cultivating talent and team composition ”, declared Lei Jun.

This recruitment program that is about to be launched by the Chinese giant is going to be much smaller than expected, as spending is being lower to ensure that it will remain in financial stability, as the pandemic caused by Covid-19 has greatly shaken the technology sector.

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Even so, investing in people is still a great step forward, which shows the growing concern of the company to also grow in the general quality of the products it sells.

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