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Will Trump’s Legacy Be Based On Real Facts, Or Alternative Ones?

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Although, many politicians, and public officials, unfortunately, hotel, in – times, into some level of political spin, never before, in recent memory, have we seen any individual, always, imagining a message, based on denials, doubling – down on these, calling anything, which he disagrees with, or even disagrees with him, as imitation facts, etc, as we have, these last few years, from Donald Trump! Many believe, our Presidents tend to be judged, not solely, on their political reputation, throughout their tenure, but, in their heritage! In the huge number of cases, however, we may disagree with an individual, in – office, according to his political beliefs, plans, strategies, activities, etc, the fundamental affairs, are not, at – problem!

However, this President, because of the number of times, political fact – checkers, country, he has lied, etc, along with his pattern, of not apologizing, admitting a mistake, accepting personal responsibility, etc, and his trend, to blame and complain, accusing others, along – the – way! With that in mind, this guide will try to, temporarily, consider, analyze, review, and talk, 5 examples / factors, which could affect, Trump’s heritage.

1. Rush relationships:

Maybe, these past few decades, have witnessed, a deterioration, in race relations, at a speed, unseen, in, at least, a half – century! In my life, I didn’t think, we’d once more, witness, as far systemic racism, White Supremacy, neo – Nazism, etc, along with a President, whose degree of rhetoric, along with vitriol, deprived this hatred and bigotry, in this level/ pace! The apparent – split, in our society, between, those, who, believe, in equal rights, justice, and liberty, and those, who seem, to think, it only applies, selectively, is concerning! Although, Trump asserts , he has been fantastic, in terms of these issues, many believe, rather – the – contrary, to be the true facts!

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2. International/ foreign relations:

Althoughhe asserts he was shielding, American interests, by removing or limiting our involvement, from long – lasting, alliances/ pacts/ agreements, conflicting the Paris Accords, etc, people, who disagree, consider, Trump has always, put his own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of maintaining/ strengthening our historic alliances, while simultaneously, emerging, to adopt, relationships, with leaders of China, Russian, North Korea, etc.

3. Handling pandemic:

Perhaps, the 1 item, that will impact his heritage, more than, any other, is Trump’s handling of this pandemic. He’s consistently, proclaimed, if he did not handle, it, so well, the results, would have been, much worse, but many of us, think, the information, indicates otherwise! Because, the United States’ population, represents roughly 4.5percent of the planet’s population, we have experienced, approximately, 20% of the cases, and deaths, it means, rather than, almost, 250, 000 fatalities, we ought to have seen, roughly, 50, 000 (or so), therefore, what might his heritage, show about how he managed this horrendous occurrence?

4. Economy/ Financial:

Before the outbreak, the United States’ economy, seemed, to be, very healthy, with a low unemployment rate, and a strong stock – market. What will be his eventual legacy, in this area?

5. Unfortunately, this appears, to significantly, differ from fact.

Perhaps you have ever seen, any higher, level, of, lack of ethics, as we have witnessed?

We judge , frequently, on their legacy, also, it frequently, depends on many different factors! How do you believe, the current one, will he judged, and believed?


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