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Wife’s denial of bangles and sindoor means her rejection of marriage: Guwahati High Court


The Guwahati High Court, while hearing a man’s divorce petition, said that according to Hindu custom, if a woman refuses to wear bangles and vermilion after marriage, it means that the marriage is not acceptable.

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Hindustantimes According to the report, a bench of Justice Ajay Lamba and Justice Sumitra Saikia said, ‘Forcing a husband to remain married to his wife in such circumstances can be considered harassment.’

The verdict said that a woman who has joined the marriage according to Hindu customs and has performed all the wedding rituals but refuses to wear bangles and vermilion, it means that she does not want to be with her husband. .

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Earlier, a family court in Assam had rejected the husband’s petition for divorce on the ground that the wife had not committed any cruelty against the husband. However, the High Court found that the husband had alleged before the lower court that the wife had refused to wear bangles and vermilion.

In February 2012, the husband alleged that the dispute between the two had started a month after the marriage. The wife did not want to live in a joint family, she wanted a separate house. There were daily quarrels over this, the relationship between the two deteriorated and she blamed her husband for not having children.

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She left her husband’s house in 2013 and filed a case of cruelty against her and her family members under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Along with the dowry, he also alleged that he was deprived of food and medical treatment and that his brother took care of him. The court later acquitted the husband and relatives in the case.

By then, however, the husband had filed for divorce on the grounds of cruelty by the wife. The Family Court rejected the husband’s appeal but the High Court reversed the decision.

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