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Why are Bollywood Movies Ruling the World?


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Everyone knows that Bollywood movies have much more emotional drama as compared to any other movie cinema. The bonds based on romance or family cannot be touched by any other cinematic brand. In fact, Hollywood cannot touch that level of emotional connectivity as well.

High Emotional Quotient

It is one of the reasons due to which Bollywood movies are preferred by the people as compared to that straightforward approach that is used in Hollywood. The strong connection with emotions based on love and friendship is properly presented by Hindi Cinema. Therefore, a higher emotional quotient is one of the reasons which Bollywood movies are ruling the world.

Soulful Music with Dance

Another reason due to which Bollywood movies are super hit is the number of songs in every movie. No matter whether the movie story plot is liked by the audience or not but songs are always the elements that become the everyday best friend of the audience. Whether it is about a party, any wedding, or any other celebration theme, all the revelries are imperfect without the songs. Therefore, the movies are a greater source of entertainment because they are hugely dependent on good dance and song selection.

Larger Audience

In Hollywood, usually, there are categories as some of the movies are for kids, others are for girls, and some of them are for men or youngsters. In Bollywood movies, this culture has not prevailed as Bollywood movies target an audience who appreciate the movies at every age. If there are present movies like Newton in Bollywood, there are also present movies are like Judwaa II. The audience is appreciating the family-based cultural content and watching out different kinds of cinema. Thus, based on love or friendship stories, these movies provide great entertainment for the whole family.

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