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When there was no place left to get a tattoo done on the body, this person grew two horns on his head like an animal!


NBC News

A German man Ralph Buchols has made a world record by having many tattoos and 453 piercings on his body. He also made two changes to his look and raised two horns on his head.

According to a website report, his name is Rolf Bucholz, Rolf Bucholz is 61 years old and began his journey of physical modification at the age of 40. Along with the tattoos, he has now done something that everyone is surprised.

In the year 2010, he was also recognized by Guinness as the man with the most body piercing. After that, he was last seen in the year 2014. At that time, people were very surprised to see them. But now, almost 5 years later, his look has completely changed again. Yes, he now has two horns on his head.

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