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when shahrukh khan father taj mohammad khan leaved pakistan for secular india


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During the partition of India, there were thousands of Muslim families who chose Pakistan as their homeland and left India. However, there is no dearth of such families, who preferred India over Pakistan and settled here forever. Shahrukh Khan’s family was one of such families. King Khan’s father Taj Mohammad Khan of Bollywood was a Congress leader. Khyber lived in Peshawar in Pakhtunkhwa province, but Jinnah did not believe in Pakistan and left Pakistan expressing confidence in Mahatma Gandhi’s secular India.

Taj Mohammad Khan left Peshawar after partition and moved to Delhi. He continued to work as a Congress worker here. Shah Rukh Khan himself has repeated many times that his father was a Congress worker and strongly opposed the partition. He was against creating a new country on the basis of religion. In such a situation, he came to Delhi with the family. Taj Mohammad Khan died in 1981. He was suffering from cancer. Shah Rukh Khan has been proud of the legacy of Taj Mohammad Khan, a lawyer by profession.

These artists from Pakistan including Adnan Sami got stardom in India

The situation of Dilip Kumar’s family was similar to Shahrukh Khan’s family. His family in Peshawar had asked Dilip Kumar’s father Ghulam Sarwar Khan to come to Mumbai before partition and asked them to return. On this, Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that we will not leave Bombay now. India is our home. Dilip Kumar has also mentioned this in his autobiography. Dilip Kumar was a budding star in 1947. Her film Jowar Bhata was released and she was part of Devika Rani’s Bombay Talkies.

Not only this, apart from Shah Rukh and Dilip Kumar, lyricist and poet Sahir Ludhianvi was also an artist who thought it better to live in India than in Pakistan. He came to India in the 1950s, when he was issued summons in Pakistan for his pro-Left writings and statements. Talking about the current era, Adnan Sami is an artist who left Pakistan and turned to India. The Indian government granted him Indian citizenship in 2016.

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