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WhatsApp Disappearing feature android and Ios users whatsapp ka naya feature


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Whatsapp has been working on its Disappearing feature for a long time. In a support page, WhatsApp has revealed not only about this feature but also other details related to it. For starters, the company has revealed that its Disappearing Messaging feature will be available not only in its Android and iOS-based apps, but also on Kios, WhatsApp Web and its desktop-based apps.

The company also said that once the facility is enabled, new messages sent in personal or group chat will disappear automatically within seven days. However, these settings will not affect messages that were previously sent or received by a user. Another interesting thing about this feature is that in personal chat the user can turn on or off the setting of Dispair messages and group administrators can do this in groups.

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As far as the availability of messages is concerned, WhatsApp states that if the user does not open WhatsApp within a period of seven days, the message will disappear. However, the preview of the message may still appear in notifications until WhatsApp opens. The company has also told that if the disarming message is forwarded without turning off the disarming setting, the message will not disappear. And if the user makes a backup before the message disappears, the missing message will be included in the backup. However, when the user restores from backup, the message will disappear.

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