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We are already living the sixth season of Black Mirror according to this false advertisement

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It is now more than a year that the broadcast of the last season of Black Mirror ended, this famous dystopian series presenting the vices of a society in particular through the predominance of technology. While its creator Charlie Brooker had announced a few weeks ago that season 6 was not yet planned, four students decided to create a false advertising campaign suggesting that the reality of the last few months now takes precedence over The fiction.

A few weeks ago, Charlie Brooker, the creator of the series Black mirror, had reported: “As I speak to you, I don’t know who would be willing to take any stories about the downfall of the company, so I’m not working on that right now. ” An announcement which explained precisely that season 6 was not yet on the program. An announcement that also did not fall on deaf ears.

Four students from the Brother Ad School Madrid, an advertising school, have indeed decided to create a fake advertising campaign for the series, while drawing inspiration from the dramatic events of recent months. They then created a billboard that turned into a real mirror, as you can see in the tweet below.

Their work implies precisely that the sad reality of recent months now takes precedence over fiction and the catastrophic scenarios imagined in this series. “Black Mirror season 6. Now lives everywhere”, Can we read at the top of this advertisement visible on bus stops in Madrid. “It’s been months since everything that’s going on in the world seems like we’re having a long episode of Black Mirror. On Netflix, the fifth is the last season you can see. The sixth takes place in the real world”, Also reported the Brother Ad School Madrid.


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