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Viral Video Man Using Massive JCB Excavator As His Own Personal Back-Scratcher – If the person got an itch on his back, JCB left such a laugh after seeing such scratches and jug


Viral Video: man got itching on his back, then scratched with such jugaad

On social media, a video of JCB is becoming increasingly viral, seeing which you will be laughing and laughing. If the person had itching on the back, he used JCB Excavator To Scratch to scratch. Through the JCB excavator, he rubbed his back itching. Many people are giving comments in various ways on social media. Where some found it harmless and amusing and others considered it potentially dangerous and irresponsible.

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This video has been shared on Facebook. In the clip, a man stands near JCB at the construction site and tries to scratch his back with a cloth. But when his itching does not disappear, he stands in front of JCB. As he bends, the JCB excavator comes towards his back and starts scratching. The crane operator was opening his back through the JCB by pressing the button.

This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Seeing this video, you will also say that anything can really happen.

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This video was shared on Facebook three days ago, which has so far received over 2 lakh views. Also thousands of likes and hundreds of comments have come. Many people described the stunt as irresponsible, while others described it as a spectacular jugaad.


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