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Video of a mother-in-law ruins the wedding: “We paid for that dress”


A wedding ceremony in the United States was nearly ruined by the attitude of the groom’s mother.

In videos published on TikTok by Sarah Ragsdale, from San Jos (California), it is seen how the mother-in-law attacks the girlfriend when she takes her oath.

You are not going to say that my son has defects!“cries the mother suddenly.

You can go. It won’t ruin my wedding“, responds the bride, to which the mother refuses, saying:”No, that dress you wear is paid for by usThen, she threatens a woman who approaches her to ease the tension, to which she says that she is going to have her arrested. Finally, the others present make the woman sit down and the ceremony continues.

Ragsdale has already deleted the videos from his TikTok account. However, in the comments quoted by Daily Mail indicated that they show her sister’s wedding, which took place in 2017.

“Her mother-in-law always hated her. She is one of those mothers-in-law who feel like my sister is taking her son,” wrote Sarah, who also details that despite the tense relationships with the husband’s mother, the couple are “fantastic.” and eight months ago they had their first child.




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