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Versatile American Actress: Jennifer Syme LATE

Jennifer Syme LATE
Jennifer Syme LATE

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Jennifer Syme

Jennifer Maria Syme was an American Actress and Personal Assistant. Born on December 7, 1972 in California, this American Nationality girl also joined staff of a music Label. She was a personal assistant of Dave Navarro. The American actress and personal assistant was in Relationship with Keanu Reeves from 1998. Later they had a breakup in 2000.

When their Relation come to an End??

After having in relation with Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Syme gave birth to an immature eight months baby girl on December 24, 1999. Due to pre-birth of baby during eighth month of pregnancy the baby died. The strain put on their relationship by their grief which resulted in their breakup several weeks later.


American Actress and personal assistant also worked in movies. Let’s have a look at the movies in which the versatile actress appeared:

  • Lost Highway
  • Ellie Parker

In 1997 movie, Lost Highway, she played the role of Junkie Girl and played the character of Chick in movie Ellie Parker.

Production Assistant:

Let’s have a look at the production in which American Actress and assistant provide the assistant:

  • Hotel Room
  • Lost Highway

Death Scene:

After attending a party at the Musician Marilyn Manson’s Home, the brilliant actress died on April 2, 2001.while returning from the party she faced a car accident and died on the spot. At the time of death, she was 28 years old and is buried next to her daughter in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.


David Lynch after the death of Syme pays a tribute by dedicating 2001 film ‘Mulholland Drive’ to her. Mother of Jennifer prosecuted against Marilyn Manson in the Court for the wrongful death of her daughter. She alleged on Marilyn Manson that he had given her certain quantity of an illegal substance but Marilyn later stated that the allegation is completely without merit.

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